Rio Olympic Is Over With a Grand Closing Ceremony
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Rio Olympic Is Over With a Grand Closing Ceremony, Tokyo Hosts 2020 Olympics

Olympics closing ceremony

The 31st Olympiad was over with a spectacular closing ceremony at the wet Maracana Stadium. The ceremony lasted for three hours. The officials handed over the Olympics flag to 2020 hosts Tokyo. The mayor of Rio waved the Olympics flag for the last time and handed it to International Olympic Committee Chief Thomas Bach who gave it to Tokyo mayor.

After all the protest, funding problems Brazil managed to organize a big show in the opening ceremony. Like the grand opening ceremony the South American nation closed the biggest show in a lavish way. More that 6,000 volunteers took part in the show.

The athletes were in celebratory mood and the rain didn’t hamper the performance and the spirit of the athletes. It was a colourful ceremony and celebrated the Brazil’s art.

brazil's art

27 children sung the Brazilian national anthem and represented the nation’s 26 states and Federal District. Performers did a tribute to Brazil’s musical greats and they created Olympics rings with color.

Olympics rings

Thomas Bach officially closed 2016 Olympics after the 16 days of competition where 11,303 athletes were participated from 206 nations. Bach said that the marvelous Olympics was held in a marvelous city. “Over the last 16 days a united Brazil inspired the world, in difficult times for all of us, with its irresistible joy for life.”

Billions of people watched the closing ceremony. Beside the laser works, biggest fireworks, lightnings it was also featured the parade of athletes and a dramatic extinguishing of the Olympic flame and Bach declared “Bye Bye Rio”.

athletes lined up

The stadium cheered when Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe dressed as Super Mario, a popular computer game character, rising out of a huge green pipe in the stadium.

japan pm shinzo abe

All the athletes danced, enjoyed and celebrated. There was no competition only celebration at that time. Performers lined up to depict as Christ the Redeemer. Athletes of different teams marched together to the middle. Everyone took out their smart phones and recorded all the moments.

Great Britain stole the show with their shoes flashing in red, white and blue. Before the show came to an official end a final display of dance, song and fireworks executed.

the athletes of great britain's shoes light up

US finished first with 121 medals, Great Britain got the second spot with 67 medals. US gymnast Simone Biles, the five medal winner was the USA flag bearer. For India it was wrestler Sakshi Malik who won the first medal in this year’s Olympics was the Indian flag bearer.

India ranked 67 and won 2 medals; one silver and one bronze. The figure was lessened from London Olympics six medals; four bronze and two silvers.

Medal Standings

Rio Olympics medal lists

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