“Sachin Will Always Remain No.1,” Says Harbhajan Singh
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“Sachin Will Always Remain No.1,” Says Harbhajan Singh


One is younger than him and the other is older! But he admires both of them in his mind. However, that is two kind of admiration tastes.

After watching the latest form of Virat Kohli, many have started to compare him with Sachin Tendulkar. He is not like the people, who avoid such type of questions. So without keeping a secret, Harbhajan Singh said, “Virat is a champion player. But Sachin will be no.1, ever. I hope Virat will break every record. But Sachin is Sachin. Most people in our country, evenVirat and  I started playing cricket watching Sachin. I am sure, if the question will be asked to Virat, the answer will be the same. Sachin Paji will remain Sachin Paji.”

And how much does batsman Virat fascinate him? His answer was, “His emotions took him to another level, has reached him to new heights. He doesn’t only wants to stay fit. He inspires the other team members to stay fit everytime.”

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