Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Blast News Is Coming Around The World
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Blast News Is Coming Around The World


Not only the cost but the ‘vice’ of samsung galaxy note 7 is practically set fire across the world. There are two news of the battery blast of the new smart phone, one in South Carolina and the other at Florida, America. More news of blast are coming up from America. Galaxy’s ‘vice’ burned jeep at Florida and burned home in South Caroline.

The resident of Florida, Nathan Dornacher whose jeep was burned, said through facebook, He went inside his house to call her family members, leaving the car engine on, the ac was on and left the phone in charge inside the car. His family was about to head back out in a few minutes, so he didn’t shut the jeep off. After coming out of the house with his family members he saw her jeep was burning and the phone has been burned into asses. Thereafter with anger and sorrow Dornacher posted the pictures of his burnt jeep and phone on facebook.


Samsung had expressed deep sorrow for the incident saying, “We are working with Mr. Dornacher to investigate his case and ensure we do everything we can for him.

The other incident happened at Horry County, South Caroline, US. Wesley Hartzog claims that he came home to find his garage had caught fire. He had plugged in his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the garage for charging, and had left to pick up his two daughters. When he got back, he found his garage in flames. The fire originated near a wall outlet where Hartzog’s phone was charging. Hartzog and his family are forced to live in a hotel till the investigation ends.

A few days earlier in Australia, a man was presented with a $1,400 bill because his handset exploded and caused damage to his hotel room.

Following the recall of millions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s last week, air-safety regulators in the US are urging passengers to avoid using the mobile phones on airliners. The FAA is concerned they are a potential fire hazard.

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