Four Teenage Students Shot Outside San Francisco Schools, Suspects Fled
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San Francisco School Shooting: Four Teenage Students Shot Outside The Schools, Suspects Fled

san francisco school shooting

Four teenage students shot on Tuesday at the parking lot of two San Francisco High schools. Authorities said that one of the students was in critical condition.

According to San Francisco Police officer Carlos Manfredi, the shooting started at around 3:20 pm when the students were let out from City Arts and Technology High School and June Jordan School for Equity.

Three of the injured students ran inside the school but the forth victim was in life threatening condition.

When the police arrive at the spot they were not sure whether the shooters were still inside the school. They ordered the students to stay in the place until they search every classroom and confirmed the shooters have escaped. They continued to search for the gunmen on Tuesday night.

Manfredi said that four suspects in dark hoodies and jeans were seen fled towards west on Brazil Avenue from the school.

He stated, “One female victim has life-threatening injuries to her upper torso.” It was suspected that the shooters targeted the female victim.

In a statement the San Francisco Unified School District said, “This was an isolated incident outside of the school building where one student was being targeted by outsiders.”

The students with one teacher waited nervously inside a classroom with the door closed. They feared a mass shooting was happening in the school and not sure whether the shooters were inside or not. After half an hour they were confirmed that the firing carried out from outside.

Classes at the June Jordan school was closed on Wednesday and the school will provide extra security and counselors.

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