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Sayhuite is an archaeological site located on the top of a hill called Concacha in Peru. The site is regarded as a center of religious worship for Inca people, focusing on water. The tall columns of the Sayhuite temple were said to be draped in fabrics with gold bands in the past. The temple was once under the care of the priestess Asarpay, who jumped to her death in the nearby 400 meter gorge to avoid capture by the Spanish forces.


Sayhuite monolith
Sayhuite monolith


Sayhuite monolith 02
Sayhuite monolith

The most important monument found at the Sayhuite site is the Sayhuite monolith, an enormous rock located at the top of the hill named Concacha. The surface of the rock is carved with more than 200 figures of geometric and zoomorphic figures, such as reptiles, frogs, and felines. The four meters wide and two meters long ancient monument was sculpted into the likeness of a topographical hydraulic model, complete with terraces, ponds, rivers, tunnels, and irrigation channels. It is, therefore, believed that the monolith is a depiction of the irrigation system present in those days within the culture of the Inca people.


Sayhuite monolith – Close view

The creators of Sayhuite monolith remain a mystery till today. But the archaeologists believe that the Sayhuite site was a religious center for the Incan people. It is most likely that those people used to hold rituals and ceremonies for the general worship of water at this site. Due to its abnormally large size and intricate carvings, the Sayhuite monolith has today become a popular tourist attraction.







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