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SC Verdict: Air force Personnel Cannot Keep Beard

Indian Air force

No jawans or officers of the Indian Air Force would be able to keep beard.  Each soldier must follow this rule. The Supreme Court made it very clear on Thursday. It won’t vary for religion. The order was given by the bench headed by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

After exiling from air force, Aftab Ansari, a Muslim applicant had approached to Supreme Court to keep the beard. He claimed that if Sikh soldiers have the right to wear turban then Muslims should also have the right to keep beard.

Ansari was exiled from air force in 2008. He then approached the Supreme Court. That same year, the same saying was filed by two Air Force personnel.

Air Force told the Supreme Court all the Muslim does not have beard. Muslims cannot be identified with the beard. Keeping beard depends on their hobby. Islam does not say that one should keep beard.

At the end of the year, UPA government Defense Minister AK Antony said that they do not want minor people to be deprived for any reason. Although the UPA government appealed later to the court for time to think.

Yesterday was the final hearing day. According to the court, religion should not be brought into the discipline.

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