Second Largest In Population But Why India Is So Poor In Olympics?
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Second Largest In Population But Only 22 Medals In Olympics – Why India Is So Poor In Olympics?


If we go through India’s medal history in Olympics then we get only disappointments. India has the second largest population but in Olympics there’s no worse performer than India.

It’s not true that India has no talent. This country produced Sachin Tendulkar like batsman, Saina Nehwal like shuttler, Sania Mirza like tennis player and many more players. Since 1990 Olympics India got only 22 medals and US got 2500 medals. The difference is huge. India is 55th in the list of winning the medals. Even the countries like Kenya, North Korea perform better than India.

hockey team

In 2012 summer Olympics 83 Indian players participated in the Olympics and only won 6 medals. Indian hockey team won 11 medals between 1928 and 1980 but gradually it lost its glory and it never won any medal in hockey.

What’s the problem in Olympics? Why did India get so less medals?

The problem lies in the mind of the people, in the society where politics play an important role.

Family Support

Parents or family do not encourage children to play, like they do their children for studies. Sachin Tendulkar got the encouragement from everyone. His coach used to take him in different fields across Mumbai for practice.


Also parents and children get interest on popular sports than athletics. In US if an amateur gymnast spends time to pursue his dream and successful to get a medal in Olympics then he will live a quality life. But in India the scenario is totally different. Here after winning a medal in athletics the country will celebrate for few days but then his name would only be on the medal list. Forget quality life he has to struggle every beat in his life to live.


Poverty is one of the major problems in India. For this reason the country couldn’t produce Olympic like sportspersons. Here many families’ main concern is how to provide daily meals. The thinking to prepare their talented child a perfect sportsman is a luxury thing for them.

Poor Infrastructures                                  

Lack of facilities in the grass root level makes an obstacle to perform well in the Olympics. If an athlete belongs to a village then he has no way to practice there and also faces many hurdles to pursue his dream.

Corrupt politics

After all those problems corrupted politics in any athlete’s life works like a poison. Sometimes, the deserve candidate looses their position by the hand of power.

Kenya and Ethiopia are the poorest countries; they do not have enough food to feed their child. Inspite of all problems they produce the best and strongest athletes. How they can do this? India must learn from them.

If India really wants their position on the top of the Olympic medal list then it has to overcome all the difficulties. Also families, parents, government, authorities and the athlete must have that willingness to reach that spot.

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