Sell Vegetables From Your Garden Via WhatsApp!
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Sell Vegetables From Your Garden Via WhatsApp!


Many people grow vegetables in a fit of land adjacent to their house in the city. After meeting the needs of whole family, some of the veggies left over. Many citizens want to buy the fresh vegetables grown in the field.

Horticulture Department is establishing a contact between these two sides in Gurgram under ‘Green Leaf India’ project.

The number of urban farmer in Gurgram is 148. They would be able to sell the vegetables from their garden, if they want to. They will contact the customers via WhatsApp.

The entire system will be managed by the Department of Horticulture. A new department will be established soon. Delivery of vegetables and the distribution will be held there. Citizens will run the whole business.

On October 1, 70 people were enrolled in this business. Farming land is available in the Tikali village near Badshahpur. Many interested people have been purchasing land for cultivation. In the second phase, another 70 people will have the chance to register.

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