Serial Bomb Blast In Thailand Killed One And Injured Several Others
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Serial Bomb Blast In Thailand Killed One And Injured Several Others

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Two bomb blasts killed a woman and injured 23 others including 8 tourists in a popular holiday resort in the Soi Bintabaht area of Hua hin, Thailand.

The bombs were hidden in plant pots 50m apart and set off by mobile phones near a bar at the seaside resort. There are 9 foreigners among the injured and the blast left some of the injured in critical condition. One woman who sells salad in the streets outside the hotel, died in hospital.

injured people

Hospitals said that three victims were Dutch, seven were German, Austrian or Italian and one person’s nationality remains unknown. One foreign man with his wife and child was badly injured, with bones sticking out of his legs.

Thailand police have seized the area of the explosions while evidence is collected.

police cordoned off the area

Today it was total 8 blasts just in 24 hours in southern Hua Hin, Thailand. Two explosions occurred Friday morning near the Clock Tower killed one person and 3 others injured. On Thursday night, there were two explosions. Besides, two explosions occurred at the Phuket Island on Friday, and on Thrusday, one explosion occurred in Surat Thani and one in South Tryane.

Junta leader Prayut chwan-o-chaw claimed that these explosions were caused for political unrest in the country.


Twin bombings are said to be common in Thailand’s southern-most provinces, with armed separatists wreaking havoc for 12 years – but they rarely affect tourist hotspots.

More than 20 people were killed and 125 injured in a bomb strike inside the Erawan Shrine in August 2015.

A number of bomb attacks in Southern Thailand — including Yala, Yala Province and Hat Yai, Songkhla Province — were also linked to Islamist separatists.

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