India’s Scorpene Submarines' Massive Sensitive Data Leaked
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Serious Threat To Indian Navy As India’s Scorpene Submarines’ Massive Sensitive Data Leaked

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Australian media reported that sensitive data concerning India’s Scorpene Submarine has been leaked. It caused a serious threat to the Indian Navy’s stealth weapons. It was reported that over 22,000 pages of plans reportedly marked as ‘Restricted Scorpene Data’ have been disclosed.

The documents belong to French manufacturer DCNC, which is building India’s Scorpene Submarines. According to ‘The Australian’ the entire design plans of the submarine were leaked from DCNS.

The data includes details of the submarine’s combat management system, underwater sensor, above water sensor, navigation system, communication system, torpedo launch system and specifications.

An Indian official who has seen a few leaked data said that the matter is very serious as all sensitive plans, including the all important stealth and enemy detection systems have been compromised. The leak could affect the combat capabilities of the sub surface platforms and it could provide important intelligence data to India’s strategic rivals Pakistan and China.

Since 2004, the Indian Scorpene contract has been in the making. Mazgaon Docs Limited (MDL) has made first of the six submarines in Mumbai which was inducted by October. But it was gone through several controversies and delays.

‘The Australian’ reported that in 2011 the Scorpene data was written in France for India and it is suspected that it was removed in France from the same year by a former French Navy officer who at that time was a DCNS subcontractor.

The first Scorpene, Kalvari is scheduled to be commission in this year October and it is currently undergoing sea trials. The other five Scorpenes expected to be commissioned in nine months intervals. The Scorpenes are to be the foundation of the Navy for the next two decades.

These are the most advanced submarines in the world. The submarines are so silent underwater that they are extremely difficult to detect.

Defence minister Manohar Parikkar explicated this data leaking as “a hacking”. He said the Navy Chief, Admiral Sunil Lamba has been asked to analyze all the leaked data “what has been exactly leaking”. Navy sources are sure that the data leak took place outside India. ‘The Australian’ reported that the leak was occurred in France in 2011. At the time it is uncertain where the leak of data came from India or France.

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