Sex Workers, Teenage Girls, Drugs In Trump’s Party
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Sex Workers, Teenage Girls, Drugs In Trump’s Party

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Donald Trump is yet unable to recover the one after another alleged sexual assault of model and actresses. Again, another complain was made against this United States Republican presidential candidate. An US website claimed that in past years Trump had arranged a lot of sex parties, where drugs such as cocaine had a spacious arrangement. Rising models and sex workers were brought to those parties to delight the guests. There were teenage girls also for some deformed minded guests.

From 1988 until 1995, the parties used to occur at Manhattan’s luxury ‘Hotel Plaza’, which was owned by Trump. The information has been leaked by two then stuff of the hotel. One of them used to do the job of organizing the proper drinks, and the other took pictures of Trump with his beautiful guests.

The first employee, who organized drinks, said in a interview for the website, “When the night became deep, cocaine was supplied to the guests by Trump’s order. And there were separate rooms for the guests, who were interested in sex. Trump went around each rooms to see where there are beautiful women. He was not very shy about sex. Many time, he used to choose two or more women from the hotel room and went to his own separate room.”

The photographer claimed, “At the beginning of most of the parties, Trump used to declare that this party has all the equipments for enjoyment. There are drugs, sex workers and girls in separate rooms. It would be your choice to choose a room.”

Former US model Gary Lusesi’s comment proved that the allegations are not at all baseless. She said, “Everyone used to wait for Trump’s party. You could get the company of the best beauty if you visit there. I saw teenage girls even. But I always kept distance from drugs and girls.”

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