Shami Was Criticized After Posting Pictures With His Wife
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Shami Was Criticized After Posting Pictures With His Wife


Why short dress? A few years ago, tennis star Sania Mirza was also criticized with this question. This time, the centre of all criticism is Mohammad Shami’s wife on social media.

On 23rd December, cricketer Mohammad Shami posted a family photo on social media. He posted a few pictures with his wife, Hasin Jahan and daughter. In an instant, those pictures became viral.

Many people started to comment on Hasin Jahan clothing in insulting and obscene language on Facebook. After being a Islam, why was Jahan not wearing hijab! These type of questions and abusive comment flowed on Mohammed Shami’s Facebook wall.


However, he was not ready to sacrifice either. He replied, “Not everyone gets to reach destination, there are few lucky person who have reached it. Keep burning. This two are my life and life partner. So I know better what to do and what not! We should see how good we are inside.”

While, some people criticized Shami, some stand with him. Cricketer Mohammad Kaif has retaliated. He tweeted, “The comments are really really Shameful. Support Mohammed Shami fully. There are much bigger issues in this country. Hope sense prevails.”

This Indian pacer was not in the team in the last Test series in England due to injury. It is uncertain even if he could play in upcoming one-day series due to his left knee sergery. India will play 3 one-day series and 3 T20 series against England from January 15.

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