Shiv Sena MP Assaults And Beats An Air India Employee With His Slippers
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Shiv Sena MP Assaults And Beats An Air India Employee With His Slippers

ravindra gaikwad

If you have power and position then you can do anything and everything. A Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad assaulted an Air India employee. He took off his slipper and beat him after he was forced to travel economy class instead of business class.

The incident took place when flight AI852 from Pune landed at New Delhi airport at around 10:30 am on Thursday. According to an airline source, “The MP removed his footwear and kept on hitting the AI duty manager. He must have assaulted the AI official about 15-17 times.”

He added, “We have constituted a committee to look into the action we can take against the MP.” The worst is the MP himself admitted it to news channels that he hit the employee with his slippers 25 times.

An AI official said, “He had booked an open ticket on the Pune-Delhi flight AI-852. But the aircraft which was pulled in to operate the flight had an all-economy configuration. Gaikwad’s staff in Delhi was informed about this on Wednesday. They decided to go ahead and said that the politician would board the flight.”

The MP boarded the flight, took an economy class and reached Delhi. But he refused to get off the plane instead, he commanded the AI chairman and managing director to apologise.

A source stated the MP said he won’t move from his place till they come and tender their apology.

The duty manager went to the aircraft to calm him.

The source said, “He apologised for the inconvenience he had to go through in the economy-class. He was requesting him to deboard when the angry MP started abusing him and slapping him with his footwear. He hit him again and again several times.”

Sources close to Gaikwad said he had been upset with the airline as he was always forced to travel economy class even though he has an open business class ticket.

The MP claimed, “I said I am an MP, don’t raise your voice. He said, ‘what MP? I will talk to Modi.” Then the lawmaker used his sandal to beat him.

Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju said, “No citizen should ever resort to any kind of physical assault let alone an MP.”

Shiv Sena’s ally BJP condemned his behaviour. NCP’s Nawab Mallik said the MP must be banished from the parliament for his nasty action.

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