SIMI Jailbreak: CISF Submits Audit Report; Suggests Strengthen Manpower
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SIMI Jailbreak: CISF Submits Audit Report; Suggests To Strengthen Manpower

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After the Bhopal jailbreak in which 8 SIMI men were killed in an encounter, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) on Bhopal Central Jail submitted a security audit report to the Madhya Pradesh government.

The audit report suggested strengthening manpower and technical surveillance at the high-security facility.

A senior official said the report recommending “augmentation of human resource and infusion of latest gadgetry and technology was suggested for making the jail security foolproof.”

The proposed security features included deployment of more CCTV cameras, increasing perimeter security and strict monitoring of entry and exit in the prison.

The MP jail has still 21 SIMI prisoners, the jail department has implemented some new steps in the jail which were accessed by the Indian Express:

All the alleged SIMI operatives will be kept in separate cells.

When the jail is opened in the morning and shut in the evening every operative will be checked intensely. The corridor, cell and the sector will be locked all the time.

If an operative is needed to be taken out of the cell, he should be taken only to the courtyard and it should be locked. When an operative is required to be taken to the jail hospital, another force will go with him.

All the locks should be changed every day and locking, unlocking should be done in front of the official in-charge.

Every day the jail superintendent and deputy jail superintendent will inspect sensitive and high-security zones.

All the high-security zones should have lighting, communication equipment and CCTVs should work. Night vision devices and torches should be available in the control room. Every day the superintendent will check that.

The MP government now asked the CISF to carry out a similar audit at three other central jails located at Jabalpur, Indore and Gwalior.

Soon the CISF will scrutinise the security systems and manpower deployment at all the three jails to detect if there are any loopholes.

CISF DG O P Singh said, “Appreciating the consultancy services rendered by our experts at Bhopal jail, the state government has now requested us to further provide the same expertise to three other central jails in Madhya Pradesh. Our team will be soon sent to conduct the consultancy of these three jails.”

The security audit has been done after the escape of 8 SIMI operatives on 31st October. The audit findings of the CISF mentioned the lack of technical surveillance and poor training of jail staff were the reason that the operatives were able to escape. The force recommended an increase in the armed component of jail security, a combination of infrastructural and technological upgrade and human resources upgrade to ensure a well-trained and well-motivated prison staff.

Another security measure was taken in 121 jails in Madhya Pradesh. Authorities banned food items and other personal items taken by relatives for the undertrials. The government justified there were cases of some relatives passing blades and marijuana to undertrials.

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