Singur Divas: Mamata Banerjee Gives Compensation Cheques To 806 Farmers
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Singur Divas: Mamata Banerjee Gives Compensation Cheques To 806 Farmers And Invites Tatas To Set Up Industries

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Singur will forever remember the 14th September, 2016. This was a historic day not for them but for the Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. This was a day for her victory, for her vow that was completed yesterday.

A giant stage was built on Durgapur Expressway outside the abandoned factory of Tata Motors’ Nano project, stood on the giant stage Ms Banerjee said, “This is a victory of the people of Singur and maa maati manush.

Compensation cheques were given to the 806 unwilling farmers and land documents of 9,177 farmers have been prepared for the farmers.

Addressing a huge crowd she said this victory was biggest and she was able to keep her promise.

She assured every family will get Rs. 10,000 to make the land cultivable and till the land is made suitable for agriculture the monthly payment to farmers will continue.

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She saluted the spirit of farmers who did not accept the compensation from Left government.

When the cheque distribution and land parchas (a document which established the ownership of a farmer over a piece of land) started the CM told the singers like Kabir Suman, Pratul Mukherjee and MP Dola Sen to sing until the process was completed.

Invitation To Tatas

Standing in front of a huge crowd in the mega rally she invited Tatas to establish an auto plant in Goaltore, Kharagpur and Burdawan. “Because of stubbornness at Singur, Tata Babu could not open the factory here. But they should be sporting. We are sporting. Today, I am offering them 1,000 acres of land at Goaltore to open an auto factory. Even BMW can come. Please inform my finance minister within a month.”

She said land is ready in the land bank to set up industry. “Anybody, be it Tata, BMW can come here. Land is ready in the land bank. But if Tata wants land here, I cannot give.”

When it was asked about the abandoned sheds of Tata Motors, Ms Banerjee said if Tata will remove it by its own then “it is good, otherwise we will remove them”.

However, Tata Motors has not given any respond to Banerjee’s request to shift their belongings from Singur.

Civil right activist Medha Patkar was also present at the event. She described the Supreme Court order as ‘historic’. She said the industry and agriculture should not oppose each other, they are like ‘siblings’.

Although, the Singur victory is a great embarrassment for the Left front. CPM legislator Sujan Chakraborty said “This was a festival to chase away industry.”

Whatever it is, the whole Singur episode is a remarkable journey and struggle for Ms Banerjee. What she pledged a decade ago she did fulfil it. The CM promised to build a memorial in Singur and from the very now every year Singur Divas will be celebrated on 14 th September.

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