Singur Diwas: Mamata Banerjee Will Return Land To The Peasants
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Singur Diwas: Mamata Banerjee Will Return Land To The Peasants

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On this Singur Day the land is in now festive mood. This joy is nothing less than the happiness of Durga Puja for the farmers whose land had been taken for Tata Nano project. Today CM Mamata Banerjee will go to Singur to return the land and compensate the peasants.

Two weeks before the Supreme court ordered to return the land of the cultivators and this marked the victory for Mamata Banerjee as she pledged the Singur farmers when she won in 2011 Assembly poll.

The main function will take place in Sanapara. This is the same place Durgapur Expressway where the CM had held a 16 days sit-in protest in 2008. She demanded 400 out of 997.11 acres acquired for the project be returned to the unwilling project. As a result Tata Motors left Singur and shifted their project in Sanand, Gujarat.

A huge 80 feet long and 60 feet wide stage has been built on one side of Durgapur Expressway. To ensure the fool-proof security the district administration installed CCTV cameras, floodlights and deployed 5000 police officers and civic volunteers.

A dozen giant screens have set up in Singur and surrounding areas so that people can easily catch the whole programme live.

The Expressway has been blocked and vehicles have been diverted to construct the 4,800 sq ft stage.

On Monday, Mamata Banerjee said the state government would complete land survey and by Tuesday the demarcation of plots for 620 acres.

When it was asked about the destruction of Tata factory shades Banerjee said, “We are following the verdict of the Supreme Court. We expect they will shift their materials. We will request them. If they don’t or request us to shift the materials, the state government will set aside the same.”

The opposition Left and Congress condemned the state government for ‘wasting’ money on the celebration.

After the SC gave its verdict to say the land acquisition is ‘illegal’ in these days the main duty of the Hooghly district administration is to mapping the almost 1000 acres land.

But the problem is to identify the real owners and return back their land. In these gone years many things have changed. Some families migrated or changed their jobs. Not only the farmers were affected but there were also some share-croppers who also claimed their right and received a share of the compensation package.

After Ms Banerjee’s return from Germany business summit where she invited investors to invest in the state many sees a hope for the state. May be in today’s Singur festival there would some surprise announcements that would benefit Singur.

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