Skyscraper Hanging From An Asteroid! Architects Plan This Unique Design To Build The World’s Tallest Building
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Skyscraper Hanging From An Asteroid! Architects Plan This Unique Design To Build The World’s Tallest Building

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We have often seen ads and ideas of new and different types of skyscrapers but this time the architects come up with an unbelievable concept which you can’t even imagine. Architects planned to suspend the world’s tallest building from the space down to Earth.

Clouds Architecture Office didn’t like the old idea of building it straight on the ground, so they planned a unique design. It diagrammed a futuristic skyscraper called “Analemma Tower” which will be hanging from as asteroid. Yes, you read it right…from an asteroid.

The base of the building will be fixed into an orbiting space asteroid. It would be hung using reinforced cables from a comet 31,068 miles above the planet’s surface. The orbital path will be taking the building in a figure of eight pattern over different cities including New York, Havana, Dubai.

It means the skyscraper would be always moving. Sounds exciting no? The residents and visitors would take a daily journey between northern and southern hemispheres.

CAO planned to use an asteroid harnessed with high strength cabling reaching towards Earth to hold the skyscraper along its journey. The slowest point while orbiting will be over Manhattan where the residents can be able to exit the tower via parachutes.


The designer of the tower Ostap Rudakevych told CNN that the tower could be made of durable and lightweight materials like carbon fibre and aluminum.

The Telegraph, UK quoted Rudakevych, “The lower end of the tower, closest to the planet surface, would be given over to offices, and above that would be an agricultural area, with sleeping quarters approximately two-thirds of the way up.”

Now the question is where from the tower get its power and water? The power would come from the space-based solar panels that have a constant exposure to sunlight.  The water will be captured from clouds and rainwater and maintained in a semi-closed loop system.

The top of the tower would be 32,000m and it would be expected to reach speeds of 300mph as it travels through the sky.

COA said NASA in its agenda has planned an asteroid relocation mission for 2021 “which aims to prove the feasibility of capturing and relocating an asteroid.”

The designer explained, “Since humans have emerged from caves our buildings have been growing ever taller and lighter. We believe that someday buildings will break free from earth’s surface, releasing us from harmful floods, earthquakes and tsunamis. Analemma Tower is a speculative idea for how this might be achieved some time in the future.”

The tower would be set up in sections; the point closest to the Earth would be designed for entertainment, shopping and dining. Above that section there would be office space and the middle section would be used for gardens and residential spaces.

Literally, it’s out of the world idea.

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