The Smallest Brightest Closest Asteroid Found Near Our Earth
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The Smallest Brightest Closest Asteroid Found Near Our Earth


It is brighter and shinier than the moon. And It is also closer to us than the moon. Its name is 2015-TC25. And It’s an asteroid. But scientists didn’t ever found so small and so bright asteroid before it. This is just a 6-foot diameter asteroid! Meaning equal to the height of a tall man.

The asteroid had been discovered by an Indian scientist from Andhra Pradesh, Bishnu Reddy, who is the assistant professor of Arizona University’s Lunar and Planetary laboratory.

The news was published on a international science journal ‘The Astronomical Journal’ on 5th December.

Professor Bishnu said, “It is only 80 miles away from our earth. That means the distance is just one third of the distance from moon to earth. We never found any asteroid so close to earth this before. It is the smallest of the all the 15 thousand ‘near earth objects’ that found in the universe so far. Its diameter is only 6ft. More the more important thing is the brightness of the asteroid. It is the brightest asteroid of the others who have been discovered so far. It is even 5 times brighter than the moon. Moon can reflect only 12 percent of sunlight, while this asteroid can reflect 60 percent of sunlight.”

This asteroid is a part of asteroid ’44Nysa’ which knocked out. The ’44Nysa’ is not a big asteroid. It’s like one Los Angeles city.

2015-TC25 asteroid contains a huge amount of silicate compound. As a result it glisten while reflecting the light of the sun.

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