Crack In Earth's Magnetic Field; How Does It Affect The Human Life?
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Solar Flare Burst Causes Crack In Earth’s Magnetic Field; How Does It Affect The Human Life?

solar flare burst

Scientists have found a crack in the Earth’s protective magnetic shield. The crack caused by the solar flare which has exposed the planet to offensive radiation.

The largest and the most sensitive cosmic ray monitor in the world, the GRAPES-3 muon telescope located at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research’s Cosmic Ray laboratory in Ooty observed the crack.

It detected a burst of the galactic cosmic radiation. The breach on magnetic shield caused when a massive blast of giant cloud of plasma which has been excluded by solar corona struck Earth at a very high speed. This caused a massive geomagnetic storm.

The source of the cosmic ray was a huge solar plasma which can travel for 40 hours to reach the Earth from sun. The giant plasma ran at more than 2.5 million kilometers miles per hour.

In a post, Science Alert stated that the storm was the powerful geomagnetic storms in recent history.

Effects on Earth

It causes radio blackouts in countries situated in the high altitudes.

It causes the magnetosphere to be reduced by 11 to 4 times the radius of the Earth.

Though, the science based blog, Science Explorer stated that not to worry about this as solar storms will not highly affect the human civilization. But when occurred it could damage infrastructures and interrupt technology. It can paralyze lives on Earth by destructing important GPS systems, massive electrical power grids, satellite functionalities and other communication systems.

The storm can change the climate on the Earth and increase the rate of cancer.

It could be more dangerous for the astronauts who are in space.

Importance of magnetosphere

The magnetosphere protects the lives on Earth from the continuous flow of solar and galactic cosmic rays. It prevents solar winds blowing directly into Earth’s atmosphere.

Harmful particles from space constantly head towards Earth. The magnetic field confronted them.

The magnetosphere ensures that the planet has an atmosphere of life-giving gases like oxygen.

In their report, the scientists said that they are unable to repair the crack. However, the scientists claimed that it could “hold clues for a better understanding of future superstorms that could cripple modern technological infrastructure on Earth, and endanger the lives of the astronauts in space.”

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