Son-in-law Makes Robbery At In-laws House
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Son-in-law Makes Robbery At In-laws House

son in law with robbers

The incident occurred in the month of January. There was a big robbery happened at Mohammad Babul’s house at south Shakpura locality in Chattagram, Bangladesh. They called themselves as police officers and and random fleeced and beat the members after entering the house at night. Just like the other robbery cases, the investigation was started. At last, notorious robber from boyalkhali area, Abdul Malek was arrested recently. Most of the stuffs were recovered.

But after investigating Malek, police got their eyebrows on the head. Malek’s group initially did the robbery, but the head is non other than the family’s son-in-law. Malek said Babul’s house, where he robbed, his son-in-law Zainal Abidin Junoon ordered them to rob. He even gave them tips about his in-law house. Not only to rapine, he imposed condition of beating them as well.

The son-in-law was arrested at last. He accepts his fault while investigation. He said that his brother-in-law was getting married. But he no one invited him separately. Fierce anger made in him. And so he decided to take revenge by doing a robbery. Yes, he is done with the revenge and now is in jail.

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