South China Sea Dispute- China Claims The Tribunal ‘Garbage’
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South China Sea Dispute- China Claims The Tribunal ‘Garbage’

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After Tuesday’s verdict on South China Sea which was against China, the province now made its desperate effort to discard Tuesday’s ruling. Junior foreign minister Liu Zhenmin said the tribunal was a piece of ‘garbage’. He warned the other countries who try to interfere, the region then would turn into ‘a cradle of war’.

The ministry alerted a dozen of countries who were advising Beijing to accept the tribunal. A spokesman of Chinese foreign ministry, Lu Kang alleged that US and other European countries want China to support the tribunal. Liu questioned the integrity of its member, said they offered a “paid service”, “They are paid, probably, by Philippines.”

A deputy director of Renmin University of China, Jin Canrong, said, “China should prevent other countries from following the Philippines.” Military expert Song Zhongping recommended China that it should impel military drills in South China Sea. This attempt may send a message to other countries which took a charge against China.

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Two Chinese civilian aircrafts landed on two new airports in the Spratly islands in the South China Sea which are increasing tension more than lowering them, a State Department said. State Department spokesperson, Mark Toner told on Wednesday, “We don’t have a dog in this fight other than our belief in freedom of navigation, what we want to see in this very tense part of Asia, of the Pacific, rather, is a de-escalation of tensions and we want to see all claimants take a moment to look at how we can find a peaceful way forward.”

After the verdict India’s External Affairs Ministry in New Delhi asked all parties to involve in South China Sea dispute to resolve this matter peacefully without showing threat and “show utmost respect” to the verdict. The Ministry of China took a cautious view on India’s statement and Lu said, “In those public statements made by relevant governments, it is said that the dispute should be resolved by fully complying with the international law. I think it is the same with what the Chinese government is upholding.”

Beside China the verdict also has generated rage on the biggest island in the Spratlys chain, Taiwan administered, Taipei. The verdict underestimated the island and depicted it was legally a “rock”, which did not give the island an exclusive economic zone status.

Taiwan claimed the verdict was “completely unacceptable” as the court did not invite Taipei to participate in the proceedings. President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wensaid, “The ruling, especially the categorization of Taiping Island, has severely jeopardized our country’s rights in the South China Sea islands and their relevant waters.” She also added, “This patrol mission will show Taiwanese people’s determination to defend their country’s rights.”

To protect the national security and “to defend the country’s maritime territory” on Wednesday a Taiwanese warship set sail for the South China Sea. The ministry announced that they would continue to send warships and aircrafts.

Both United Stated and India have declared their support for navigation in the South China Sea. India has openly supported Vietnam and the Philippines on this issue. India’s naval ships have been visiting in the South China Sea. Beijing warned India and US, “countries from outside the area must stop pushing forward the militarization of the South China Sea, cease endangering the sovereignty and national security of littoral countries in the name of ‘freedom of navigation,’ and harming the peace and stability of the region.”

Beijing endlessly blamed US to create nuisance in the South China Sea. The ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily said in a front page commentary on Wednesday that China would take all necessary action to protect its sovereignty but it wouldn’t allow other overseas countries to intervene.

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