A Package For Pakistan ‘Kashmir With Bihar’- Justice Markandey Katju
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A Special Package Offer For Pakistan ‘Kashmir With Bihar’- Justice Markandey Katju

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Justice Markandey Katju sarcastically criticized Bihar by suggesting Pakistan that it can get Kashmir but with Bihar as a ‘package’.

In a facebook post he wrote, “Pakistanis, let us end our dispute once and for all. We offer you Kashmir, but on the condition you also take Bihar. It is a package deal. You have to take the whole package or none at all. Either you take both Kashmir and Bihar, or nothing. We will not give you Kashmir alone. Deal?”

Katju, the former Supreme Court judge is famous for his controversial comments on social media. He commented that even the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee once offered the same deal to then Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf at the Agra summit. But Musharaff “stupidly rejected it”.

His remark on social media offended many people. A FB user Rohit Singh Sikarwar said, “The soldiers of Bihar laid down their lives in the recent #UriAttack.I heard people saying so,but its confirm that it’s not Amitabh Bachann who has nothing in his head,its not the Indians 90% of whom are fools,but its you who are one trying his best to remain in news. You should join AAP.”

Earlier, Katju was criticized for commenting against Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan that he had nothing in his head.

The JD(U) highly condemned Katju’s comment against Bihar, said it was a case of ‘sedition’. KC Tyagi, the party’s general secretary said that Katju’s comment as “intolerant” and “insensitive”.

Spokesperson of Bihar BJP chief Vinod Narayan Jha demanded the former SC judge’s “immediate arrest” on the charge of “sedition”.

But Mr. Katju had his answer. He tweeted, “I should be charged for sedition. I have a better suggestion. I should be charged under the Lunatics Act.”

His offenders suggested instead of Bihar, Pakistan should take Katju.

Well, Mr. Katju has also had answer for his offenders

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