Geelani Thanks Pakistan For Its Support In A statement
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State Government Disallowed Geelani’s Press Conference; In A Statement He Thanks Pakistan For Its Support

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Senior hardline separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani issued a statement on Friday after the state government not allowed a press conference called by him. He said in his statement to continue the ongoing protest in Kashmir. He thanked Pakistan and China for their support to the “struggle of Kashmiris”.

Today at 11 am Hurriyat called a press conference in Geelani’s house where he has been under house arrest. When the reporters appeared outside his residence a large contingent of police and CRPF asked them to leave the place.

Geelani said in his statement that the only relation between India and Kashmir is an occupier and the occupied people.

He alleged that the government had prepared a kill list of activists, pro-freedom leaders, business leaders, civil society members, journalists and government employees “who have not succumbed to their machinations”. “This is a very serious issue and we warn the occupier and their stooges that any such misadventure will have serious repercussions….”

Geelani averred this was the sign of frustration of the enemy as they are close to their freedom. He stated the enemies’ frustrated talk in the Parliament, in the news studios of the fascist media and institutions of power were the evidence of their victory and the defeat of their enemy.

On Pakistan

Geelani praised Pakistan to support them. The Hurriyat leader said during the crisis the Pakistan proved again they are friends and well-wishers. “Pakistan and its people shared our pain and raised their voice in our support.” He commented that Pakistan and its people morally, diplomatically and politically support the voice of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for their freedom.

On other countries

Geelani thanked the other countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Norway, New Zealand and to the Organization of Islamic countries (OIC) for expressing their concern for India’s brutal suppression in Kashmir. “We are also thankful to Turkey for its unambiguous support to our just struggle for freedom from Indian occupation.”

On All Party delegation

Without mentioning he indirectly cited about the all party delegation’s visit that “They will come again to ask – what do we want. They know the answer to that question. We want freedom.”

He claimed that India hold Kashmir forcibly for 70 years. “The greatest sign of our victory is that the mighty army of our occupier has to shoot dead middle-aged women, a 21-year-old girl and beat to death a teacher. If after 70 years of military control, a soldier has to kill an unarmed woman and a schoolboy with a stone in his hand to forcibly keep Kashmir under Indian control, what bigger proof do we need of who has been defeated and who is victorious? The bullets of Indian soldiers are merely the symbols of their cowardice.”

The Hurriyat leader also criticized the national media. He claimed the Indian media and writers dehumanizing them and labeling their struggle as terrorism. “The Indian media, by and large, is an extension of the Indian state and performs well the role that has been assigned to it to help keep in place the Indian occupation in Kashmir.”

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