Stolen Paintings Of Van Gogh Recovered By Italy Police
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Stolen Paintings Of Van Gogh Recovered By Italy Police

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Precious pictures were recovered by police in Italy. The pictures were painted by famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. The paintings were stolen from Van Gogh museum, Itally in 2002. After a long search, thieves were arrested. Both were ordered 4 years of imprisonment. But the paintings could not be found.

A few days ago the police launched a special operation in search of drug smugglers. Paintings were found in that operation in Naples. They were found in a farmhouse near Castellammare di Stabia as Italian police seized some 20 million euros ($22 million) worth of assets, including farmland, villas and apartments and a small airplane. According to police, the two paintings were partially damaged. However, much of them is still intact. The smugglers had planned to sell the picture by breaking the frame, in which the paintings were framed. After rescuing the pictures Italy’s PM had informed everything to the authorities of Netherlands. The two paintings saved an invaluable resource in the history of art.

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