Sudden flood killed 68 people in Nepal and 20 remain lost
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Sudden flood killed 68 people and forced thousands others to leave their homes in Nepal


Natural disaster devastated Nepal once again. Sudden floods and landslides killed 68 people in the past three days. A further 20 remain lost, and thousands of others left their homes. Nepal’s government had said on Thursday. With the help of helicopter and rubber boats army and rescue team had started their work by relieving people stuck in high roof or a tree.

Many houses and bridges have been floated in several parts of the country as the heavy rainstorm caused rivers to burst their banks.

At least 36 people have died in Pyuthan, western Nepal.

Heavy rain and rising waters of many rivers, including Tinau flood situation has been created.

In the meantime, the district police office in Butwal said that the downpour has put more than 6,000 people at risk and police are working to move them to a safer area.


Pyuthan and Butwal are among 14 of the 75 districts in Nepal affected by the floods and landslides generated by the monsoon rain.

The Nepal army is racing in to help removing hundreds more from flooded villages as the waters continue to increase after swollen rivers breached their banks and inundated many homes.

Water levels were near to dangerous levels along the Saptakoshi and Narayani rivers. In fact, water flow in the Saptakoshi River has now crossed this year’s maximum mark after 10 days of constant rain. Water flow in the river was measured at 277,410 cu-sec on Tuesday morning.


The condition is particularly anxious this year because millions of Nepalis are still living in tents after the devastating earthquakes that killed nearly 9,000 people in 2015.

Home Ministry officials said on Wednesday that Nepal decided to allocate 750 million Nepalese rupees (around $7.4 million) for immediate rescue, relief and rehabilitation of the sufferers.

During the southwesterly monsoon season, from June to September, Floods and landslides are common in Nepal. The death tax runs into the hundreds every year.

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