“Take My National Award Back,” Akshay Kumar To The Critics
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“Take My National Award Back,” Akshay Kumar To The Critics


About two and a half decades ago, Akshay Kumar stepped into Bollywood. His first film as a hero, “Saugandh”, was released in 1991. He has seen both success and failure in his long career. However, he never left the field to be scared of Khan and Kapoor’s monopoly, instead, he fought for his place in Bollywood. But did he get the right price? Bollywood’s ‘Khiladi’ Akshay Kumar posed a question to critics about his getting the national award.

On Monday, he told the media, “You can take back the prize if you wish. I have been working in Bollywood for the past two and a half decades. I have always noted that there has been controversy whenever anyone gets to win a national award. Any of you causes trouble. He is not worthy, others should have received, and these kinds of things come in the ear. After working for 26 years long, I got the National Award. If you still feel that I’m not worthy, then withdraw the prize.”

Akshay has got National Award for Best Actor in this year’s Best Actor category for ‘Rustam’. Many people criticized the decision. Their choices are Aamir Khan for ‘Dangle’ and Manoj Vajpayee for ‘Aligarh’. Director Priyadarshan is the member of the committee who decides who are going to win the national award. Akshay has acted in several films like “Hera Ferry,” “Hot Mashaal,” “False Delay,” in his direction.


Some of the critics said that Akshay has got the award just for his connection with Priyadarshan. However, Priyadarshan denied the allegations. His claim, Amitabh Bachchan won while Ramesh Sippy was a member of the National Award Committee. Prakash Jha was a member of the National Award Committee while Ajay Devas won. Nobody said anything then. Director Karan Johar also supported it. Rather, he should have received the award earlier.

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