Tale of Terrorists! Did You Know Terrorists Get Paid In Corporate Style?
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Tale of Terrorists! Did You Know Terrorists Get Paid In Corporate Style?


There are month payroll. You can also have a special insurance settlement for doing risky jobs. And they also have compensation if you die while working.

Well you must be thinking that if we are now offering some corporate job! But no! We aren’t! We aren’t even talking about the corporate staffs. Actually, we are talking about the terrorists. Shocked?

Pakistan-backed militant groups have been giving salaries and various allowances to the terrorists in such professional infrastructure. Such sensational information has come on the hands of Indian intelligence officers.

Thus terrorists are being trained in various militant camps in Jammu and Kashmir. Indian intelligence reports that all the terror organizations have their own funds. From there, all expenses are paid.

There are usually two types of militants stays in the militant-bases, domestic and foreign.

Foreign militants mainly come from Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are paid more. In recent years, militants from Bangladesh are coming too. Local terrorists are paid lesser than them.

Foreign militants are being paid a lump sum of Rs.50000 and the local militants are being paid Rs.10000 to Rs.25000 at the time of enrolling in terrorist squad. Monthly salary of a foreign militant is Rs.15000/month, while local terrorists get Rs.3000 to Rs.10000.

However, there is no discrimination among them in pension benefits. Indian and foreign, both gets a lump sum of two lakhs.

An award is given to the best militant of the year for doing a ‘good job’. The award money is Rs 1 lakh. Each team leader gets Rs.5000 per month. If a terrorist die in attack, a lump sum of Rs.50000 and monthly allowance of Rs.5000 are being paid to his family. But if a Indian terrorist dies, the family gets Rs.25000 as a lump sum and Rs.3000 per month.

Sounds fascinating? Yes, it is! Well, consider the word ‘risk’! But also, no risk, no gain!

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