Russia Orders Officials To Bring Back Relatives From Abroad
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Tension Between Russia And US: Russia Orders Officials To Bring Back Relatives From Abroad

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Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Soviet leader has alerted that the world is at a “dangerous point” due to the tension between US and Russia over Syria.

After the cold war between US and Soviet Union (Russia) the tension between two countries has been escalating. The relation is more bitter now as Washington charged Russia for hacking attacks in Syria.

President Vladimir Putin warned the high-ranking officials to bring their loved ones back to the ‘Motherland’ who are living in abroad.

Putin cancelled his visit to France due to the infuriated situation as Moscow has its role in the Syrian conflict.

Russian site reported that Russia ordered regional administrators, administration staff, employees of public corporations and lawmakers of all levels to bring back their children from foreign schools as soon as possible.

The real reason behind the order is not clear yet.

Daily Star quoted Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky, “This is all part of the package of measures to prepare elites to some ‘big war’.”

The Kremlin also expelled a series of nuclear pacts. It reported that tension between world’s largest nation and the West is increasing so Russia had moved nuclear capable missiles to the Polish border.

Gorbachev stated to state news agency RIA Novosti, “I think the world has reached a dangerous point. I don’t want to give any concrete prescriptions but I do want to say that this needs to stop. We need to renew dialogue. Stopping it was the biggest mistake.”

He said that the important thing is to return to the main priorities including the fight against terrorism, nuclear disarmament and the prevention of an environmental disaster.

Putin’s decision to cancel his France tour came after the French president Francois Hollande said that the Syrian forces committed a ‘war crime’ in Aleppo with the help of Russian air strikes.

The schedule date of his visit to Paris is 19th October to inaugurate a spiritual centre at a new Russian Orthodox church near the Eiffel tower. Russian foreign policy analyst Fyodor Lukyanov said that the cancellation of Paris visit is a ‘serious step… reminiscent of the Cold War’.

At the same time, US presidential candidate Hilary Clinton said that possibly Russia hacked her thousands of personal emails and the FBI is investigating on that matter.

But Russian officials denied the allegations that Moscow is behind the hacks.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson earlier this week called the anti-war campaigners to protest outside the Russian embassy. He affirmed that the ‘wells of outrage are growing exhausted’ and the anti-war groups were not expressing adequate outrage at the conflict in Aleppo.

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