Major Terror Cell Busted In Dhaka Killing 9 Militants
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Terror Cell Busted In Dhaka Killing 9 Militants

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Dhaka police killed 9 suspected militants after a two-hour long gun fight on Tuesday morning. On hearing the news of the militant hideout in a six-storied building named Taj Manjil near Kalyanpur, joint forces of police and RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) began early operation on Monday mid-night. Later the original operation named ‘Operation Storm Twenty Six’ headed by Swat force was run in the morning.

During the raid, another terrorist was shot and arrested. The terrorists were wearing black tunics. Police recovered black Punjabi and black flag of IS.

Police were cordoned off an apartment building after the suspects threw a small hand grenade at officers who were conducted a “block raid” in the area after midnight. The Islamist gunmen exchanged fire sporadically all over the night and cried “Allaho Akbar” as hundreds of heavily armed police and the elite security force RAB were sealed off the zone.


Dhaka additional police commissioner Sheikh Maruf Hasan who led the raid said, “Their dress and their slogans before and after the attack all proved that they are members of (Islamist) militant force”

Bangladesh is rolling in a wave of lethal attacks by Islamist rebels. Five armed men tempest an upscale cafe in Dhaka’s diplomatic zone earlier this month, and killed no less than 20 hostages including 18 foreigners, in an attack asserted by the Islamic State group.

ISIS Terror Cell Busted In Dhaka, 9 ISIS Militants Shot Dead

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