Pashtun Activist Reveals Pakistan Army Using Their Women As Sex Slaves
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A Terror Named Pakistan Army: Pashtun Activist Reveals The Army Using Pashtun Women As Sex Slaves

Umar Daud Khattak

In a shocking revelation, a separatist Pashtun activist Umar Daud Khattak alleged that the Pakistani Army is using Pashtun women as sex slaves. This revelation is a major embarrassment for the Nawaz Sharif government.

He said the Pakistan Army in their military operation in the Waziristan and Swat region is committing grave human right abuses and targeting the young Pashtun women.

Khattak in an interview to ANI said, “The Pakistan Army has abducted hundreds of Pashtun women and put them in a Lahore prostitution centre as sex slaves, during military operations in Swat and Waziristan.”

The activist based in Afghanistan claimed that Pakistan raises its money by pushing Pashtun women into the flesh trade. He said he has evidence and proofs to claim this.

He exposed the ugly face of the Pakistan Army, by saying the Army destroyed their houses and kidnapped the women and raped them. “The Pakistan Army has bulldozed our villages, they pick up our girls and rape them.”

He said to ANI, “Pakistan has misled Pashtuns enough, now we won’t be fooled anymore. We are forming a Pashtunistan liberation army aiming for an armed struggle against Pakistan.”

Khattak appealed the international community to help the Pashtuns in their movement. He said the Pashtunistan liberation army will end terror.

He alleged that almost five lakh people have fled to Afghanistan from their villages to escape the violence of Pakistan Army.

The activist claimed Pakistan can use nuclear weapon against them. It is a “nuclear black market” selling such weapons to rogue nations.

Pakistan’s third largest ethnic group, the Pashtun has suffered Pakistani Taliban’s seven-year torture against government forces and civilians.

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