Terrorist Attack Kills 3 and Injures 14
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Unholy Episode in Bangladesh on Holy Day: Terrorist Attack Kills 3 and Injures 14

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Today terror attack has again trembled Bangladesh (07/07/2016). An explosion in Kishorganj area, 100 Kms away from Dhaka killed 3 and almost 14 were injured. The attack took place when the whole world was celebrating the Islamic Festival Eid-ul-Fitr.  The nation has not recovered from last week’s Holey Artisan Bakery attack again the terror strike shivered the nation.

According to TV reports, the blast came about the time when Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina was exchanging Eid greetings with her party Bangladeshi Awami League. The attackers throw Motolov Cocktails on the crowd. Chief district administrator, Mohammad Azimuddin Biswas said almost 5 assailants assailed a police post in Kishorganj with small bombs and attacked the police with sharp weapons. The attackers stabbed one policeman and one was died in blast. They also killed a woman.

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The place named Sholakia Eidgah where the explosion took place; it’s a large field where almost 30,000 people congregated in every year to pray. Still now no groups have claimed the attack. 3 militants were killed and one was arrested.

A former senior foreign ministry official, Muhammad Zamir asserted the country was “going through a crisis. It is a persisting trend of going against principles of Islam.”

On Wednesday ISIS sent a video and alerted that the country and the whole world would face more terrorist strikes until Shariah law is established globally.

Last week on 1st July IS militants killed 20 people at Holey Artisan Bakery and this bloodshed shocked the whole world. 7 gunmen entered the bakery and took hostages almost 36 people. They had sharp weapons, swords and fire arms. The gunfight between police and the attackers killed two police officers. They lobbed 10-12 bombs and grenades. The gunmen spared those who recited Quran verses. Among the victims there were 9 Italians, 7 Japanese, 3 Bangladeshis and 1 Indian.

IS claimed the Dhaka attack but interestingly PM Hasina threw out the possibility. She blamed the opposition BNP and its collaborator Jamaat-i-Islam for all the killings. After the Dhaka bakery attack PM Hasina condemned, “The reason behind the secret killings of soft targets is just to create a wave of tension at the global stage to depict Bangladesh negatively and create panic among the mass people.”

It’s a question whether IS is present in the country or PM Hasina just trying to hide the truth to save her back from criticism.

However, in that difficult time when the whole world is under terrorist threat the question whether IS present in Bangladesh or not has no value.  It’s the high time that the whole world come together to conquer terrorism.

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