There’s No Place In The Rally Without Full-pant
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There’s No Place In The Rally Without Full-pant


RSS members can only take part in rally if they wears full pants, instructed Madras High court. RSS will celebrate the vijaya dashami via a roadshow program in Tamil Nadu. 200-300 people can take part from one state in 14 meeting. Two thousand members may have appeared in Kanyakumari and Koyambatore. Police didn’t give permission because they thought the meeting may deteriorate law and order. Chennai police said that RSS dress, White shirt and khaki half pant is like army and police. So the court said that there will be no problem if they wears full pants. RSS have already taken full pants as their dress instead of their ninety years old shorts. After cancellation of the meeting fingers were pointed to the ruling AIADMK and DMK on behalf on RSS. The RSS lawyer, N. Babu Monohor said, “Both of the group don’t want their real form to be exposed. They are frightened.” Chief Minister Joylolita said that it’s a decision of police. AIADM had no hand in the decision. And DMK spokesperson, Thamijan Prosonno said, “There is no place for RSS in the state.”

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