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theresa may, new PM of UK

Margaret Thatcher was the first female prime minister of Great Britain. On Wednesday, after David Cameron left his job and his home home at 10 Downing Street, Theresa May became the 2nd Female Prime Minister of UK, accepting an invitation to govern from Queen Elizabeth II.

Immediately after the referendum, the European Union’s decision to retire from Prime Minister David Cameron had announced to step down from his post. Cameron resigned after making a brief statement outside the PM’s residence. “It has been the greatest honour of my life to serve our country as PM over these last six years, and to serve as leader of my party for almost 11 years,“  he said, accompanied by his wife Samantha and his children -12-year-old Nancy , 10-year-old Elwen and 5year-old Florence. “It’s not been an easy journey and of course we have not got every decision right, but I do believe that today our country is much stronger.“  He said May would provide “strong and stable leadership“.

During the nineties, after the resignation of the country’s first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Theresa came back at 10 Downing Street. After Cameron’s resignation at Buckingham Palace, Home Secretary Theresa May, from the Ministry of Cameron, was invited officially by Queen Elizabeth II for this position. While talking to the queen, Cameron recommended May as Conservative Party Leader to form a new Government. She said that she has taken over the post of prime minister, not only for the beneficiaries, she has pledged to work for everyone. Theresa said he would work toward building a better Britain. The 59-year-old Conservative leader sworn in as prime minister came to Downing Street. In a short speech She praised predecessor, “We have got a great modern prime minister in him. He led a government who thinks about all the people across the country together. I’ll walk through the same path. A change is coming. We’ll deal with it together.”

Teresa was in favor of Britain to stay in the European Union. But she didn’t seen in the campaign. Now the responsibility to effective ‘Brexit’ belongs to her. Significantly, the new PM has repeatedly said about the ‘united’ Britain. She said that she wants to build a country for all with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, a country which will focus on social justice, laboring human’s right.

Theresa entering and David Exiting

While congratulating Teresa, Cameron reminded her that Thather also was a conservative leader. The outgoing prime minister regrets, “I’ll have to see all from the back row. I won’t face opposition attacks. Minister Danny Kinhan lightly said, “Now you can try for the Position of US President, a TV Presenter or English Football Team.” Cameron said, laughing, ”Really great offer. But these are quite difficult. I can’t do it.”

David Cameron spiced up his `last supper’ at his 10 Downing Street office-cum-home with some spicy Indian food.’ Kennington Tandoori’ in London tweeted on Tuesday that it had d delivered the soon-to-be-former PM’s “last supper“. “The dishes d include Hyderabadi saffron chicken, Kashmiri rogan josh, nasheeli gost, KT mixed grill (lamb and chicken), chicken zalfrazi, saag alloo, saag paneer, palak gost, samosas, naan and rice among other dishes,“  restaurant manager Kowsar Hoque said.

Theresa May: First speech as Prime Minister – BBC News

Theresa May becomes Prime Minister: David Cameron exits 10 Downing Street


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