Theresa May Gets In Trouble After Wearing Costly Pants
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Theresa May Gets In Trouble After Wearing Costly Pants


British Prime Minister Theresa May is in great trouble. What a bad moment when she bought a pair of leather pants! She spent so much money and now she is being criticized as well.

Recently, her picture was published on Britain’s ‘Sunday Times’ newspaper, wearing dark brown leather pants worth £995 means about Rs.85,000 and shoe worth £140, which is about 12,000 in Indian Rupee.

Thereafter critics have became enraged. They claimed that May is doing harm to herself by wearing those expensive clothes. She is moving far from the common people.

In July, after coming to power, May has deposed Nicky Morgan, former minister of Conservative Party. He also took this opportunity bashfully. He said, “I don’t actually have leather pants. My wedding gown was the one that cost a little expensive. I have never spent so much money otherwise.”

Britain’s prime minister, however, did not need to open her mouth. Her supporters responded to the criticisms.

They claimed, Britain’s male politicians wear expensive clothes than Teresa. No one ever talked about them! May’s predecessor, David Cameron, was quite aware of clothes. After coming to power, at the beginning, he only wore suit made by famous tailor Richard James. Then it cost about $4000 per suit. Later, however, he drew reins by understanding the situation. Thereafter he wore garment of $2500 made by another tailor named Geoffrey Golding.

But the claim that May is spending a lot of money after coming to power is not correct. She was quite aware of clothes, before becoming prime minister. Her favorite designer is Vivian Woods.

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