Thesedays Monkeys Are Clicking Selfie And Groufie As Well
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Thesedays Monkeys Are Clicking Selfie And Groufie As Well


They have became quite friendly with the camera. The relation between the two is so deep that they even don’t hesitate to take a smiling selfie. So the monkey species of ‘Black Chested Myakao’ has been taking selfie standing in front of the camera deep in the jungles of Indonesia. They even couldn’t exclude clicking the groufie as well.

Some days ago, several animals in the jungles of the Amazon in South America made headline in the newspapers while taking selfie. But it was the first time in Indonesia. And clicking groufie together was the first time in history.

Indian photographer Anup Shah’s hand was behind it. He has been doing photography for a long time in the Indonesian forest of Tyankoko.

He said, “Ape-like creatures are more curious than the others. And they are less afraid of humans than other animals. I used the opportunity. I attracted them with food towards me.”

After some moment the animals realized that there was no harm for them. Then Shah kept his camera in front of them and showed them how to click pictures. The Mimic lover monkeys quickly learned the process. Thereafter, they clicked a few selfie and groufie.

Isn’t that fascinating? Monkeys are also obsessed with selfie. Don’t you think so?

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