Top 15 Dangerously Beautiful Roads Of The world
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Top 15 Dangerously Beautiful Roads Of The world

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Whether they are dangerous, unique or fatally boring, these unusual roads are quite astounding. Forget the stretches of pavement that take you from one place to another, some of these roads are death traps. Some are adrenaline boosting, and others should be avoided at all costs. Here are some most dangerous roads of the world.

Passage-De-Gois, France


This 4.3 km stretch of road links the French mainland with the Island of Noirmoutier, on France’s Atlantic coast. At first glance you may think that’s not a dangerous road, then wait for a few hours and your opinion will change as the tide comes in and causes the entire route to disappear.


Twice a day, this road goes underwater and any cars that mistime their crossing will be going with it. Even if you time the tides just right, driving this road can be a challenge because it’s wet and covered in seaweed which can make it as slippery as ice.

Atlanterhavsveien, Norway


Also known as ‘Atlantic Ocean Road’, Atlanterhavsveien is located on the coastal edge of Norway, near the cities of Molde and Kristiansand on National road 64. This road is a series of eight bridges that connects eight islands, that stretches over 5 miles. While the road is listed in numerous magazines and books as the world’s best place to take a road trip, it is also one of the most dangerous roads if you’re not careful.


If your car runs off the road, it immediately crashes into the ocean. The waves are constantly crashing, increasing risk of hydroplaning or being swept off the road.


The area is susceptible to autumn hurricanes and the crew who built it, actually had to overcome a dozen hurricanes while working on it.

Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

This bridge is only about a mile but on one side there’s a gradient of 6.1% and the other side has a gradient of 5.1%, making it one of the steeper bridges in the world. The bridge is built so high that fishing boat can safely pass without disrupting traffic. Located in Japan, the bridge connects the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato together. The bridge has also earned the rightful nickname of the roller coaster bridge.

Luxor-al-Hurghada, Egypt


If you’re in Egypt, it’s pretty safe to stay away from this road at all cost. This stretch of road is between the ancient city of Luxor and the red sea resort city of Hurghada. And the reasons are, first, the road goes through some rather remote areas where a breakdown can mean big trouble depending on what time of day it is. Second, the area is known to be patrolled by bands of criminals and terrorists who generally strike at night. This has led many people to drive without their headlights on at night resulting in a significant number of fatal head-on collisions.

North Yungus Road, Bolivia


This road has been named the ‘death road’ by locals due to its terrifying and dangerous summit. Each year, about 200-300 travelers are killed on the road, that leads from Bolivia’s capital La Paz to the Amazon region. The 42 mile road journey starts at 15,400 feet, so its no wonder cyclists are intrigued by striking views of the Amazon forest. But the distracting scenery and crazy sharp turns, many consider it the most dangerous road of the world. In 1995, it was named ‘the most dangerous road’ by the Inter American Development Bank.

James Dalton Highway, Alaska


Located in the most northern part of Alaska, this highway is not for anyone who is a new driver, a tedious driver, or driving a car that doesn’t have four wheel drive. The highway is about 414 miles long and is primarily used as a shipping route for the Prudhoe Bay Oilfields, which means the icy road is used by a lot of big ribs with flammable substances. There’s also a lack of gas stations and any other kind of civilization. Flying rocks can heavily damage headlights and windshields, trucks can wipe out visibility in a matter of second, and cars can skid off the road with just one wrong turn. If you’re in Alaska and rent a car you should follow their rule to not drive on Dalton.


Karakoram Highway, Pakistan


The world’s highest paved international roadway, which cuts through mountains and canyons to link China and Pakistan. Naturally, being a mountainous route, this road id dangerous to begin with. Add in heavy fog, sudden blizzards and flooding and you have a terrifying journey.

It doesn’t end there. As bandits and terrorists are known to camp out near certain section of the road, always ready to strike an unsuspecting target.


Even if you can handle all of the trouble, the highway is so high above sea level that some drivers suffer from altitude sickness, thanks to the thin air.

Passo Dello Stelvio, Italy


If you suffer from motion sickness, definitely stay away from this road. Located in Italian Alps, it’s a 15 miles long road with 48 hairpin turns with 180 degree corners in some areas, that would made anyone feel sick to their stomach. The winding road starts at an elevation of 950 m and ascends to 2800 m. This pass has a 7.4% grade which means drivers either have to cut down the mountain to eliminate the slope or zig zag their way down. The road is only open from June to September, since driving on the pass during bad weather is basically a death sentence.


Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece


This mountain road spans 23.5 km and rises to an altitude of 1160 meters. This might not sound so bad but throw in a lot of potholes, significantly tight twists and turns, heavy truck, pedestrian and livestock traffic and the fact there are very few, if any, guard-rails and you have on dangerous road. There are often no marking or lines which means many night time travelers drive straight off the road to their death.


Trollstigen, Norway


Meaning ‘The Troll Ladder’, this road is located in Rauma, Norway. This incline is at a steep 9%, and the curves are so tight, they make a bobby pin’s curve look wide. The roads are so narrow that any vehicles bigger than 40 feet are prohibited from taking trollstigen. The Norwegan government has attempted to widen the roads in an effort to make them safer. But because the roads sits on a side of a mountain, there’s only so much they can do.

Mcmurdo, South pole Highway


Also known as ‘south pole traverse’, this highway is the iciest road in the world and is extremely frightening to drive on. The unpaved highway is 900 miles long and links the US Antarctic Mcmurdo station to the Amundsen Scott station, literally ending at the south pole. There are no lanes on this road, just flags patrolled by snowplows.

Eyre Highway, Australia


This is 11675 km of straight, flat and well maintained road of Australia. Doesn’t sound like it belongs to this list, well don’t be fooled! With no hills, no turns, no bends and featureless and repetitive landscape the road goes through one of the most desolated and remote parts of Australia. The road is so straight, flat and featureless that drivers have a hard time paying attention or even staying awake, resulting in many collisions and crashes. Australians gave the road nickname, ‘slaughter alley’.


BR-116, Brazil


Also known as the highway of death, this road is located in Brazil and is the second longest road in the country. While this particular road isn’t located in a mountain, the upkeep is so bad that it has caused numerous accidents, leading to thousands of deaths. The maintanaince of the road is overlooked, which means there are potholes, quick lane changes and more. Not to mention, the road is also prone to attack from thieves ans bandits, and there is also a prostitution ring somewhere on the 2,200 miles stretch of road.

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand


The narrow road has dangerous cliffs that paint the terrain and are just waiting to welcome your vehicles into its deathly drops. If you run into a car heading to opposite direction, there isn’t any place to move over to let them pass. Rental car insurance doesn’t cover the road, and the slippery conditions make it one of the most dangerous roads in New Zealand.


Toroko Gorge Road, Taiwan


Part of Taiwan’s Highway No.8, this road is widely considered to be the country’s deadliest stretch of roadway carved into and sometimes through, the mountainous terrain, this road faces significant erosion and landslides, thanks to heavy rain and earthquakes. It is made all the more challenging by the fact that the road is extremely narrow in spots and has numerous blind corners which can be full of surprises.


Lose control or get bumped by another car? There’s a good bet you’re plummeting down the side of the mountain and recoming the latest victim of the infamous stretch of road.

There are many dangerous roads apart from the above mentioned, we have just listed the top 15, so if you know any other that should have included in the list, we’ll do that.

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