Train Accident In Pakistan: 6 Died And 150 Injured In Multan
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Train Accident In Pakistan: 6 Died And 150 Injured In Multan


Early on Thrusday, Karachi-bound Awam Express collided with a freight train killing at least 6 and injuring 150 more near Multan, Pakistan.

The passenger train was on the way to Karachi from Peshawar. The incident occurred near Bucch railway station in Sher Shah area that overturned four boogies of the Awam Express.

The accident took place when a man was overrun by a freight train and its driver stopped the train to take out the body. 15 minutes later, Awam Express which was heading on the same line, clashed with the stationary goods train.

All the wounded and dead were taken to the Nishtar Hospital in Multan.


Due to Eid holidays, a delay was at first observed in consequence by rescue services. Rescue works were also affected as darkness prevailed in the vicinity.

The driver of the Awam Express has been declared responsible for the accident. 10 of the injured are in unstable condition. 3 persons trapped inside damaged carriages were saved.

Javaid Anwar, CEO Railways said that the accident was a result of the Awam Express driver’s carelessness because he neglected the signal and did not stop the train in time. An initial report on the incident has been sent to the government, he added.

Anwar declared that Rs. 1 lakh will be given to each wounded.

An emergency has been imposed at Shahbaz Sharif Hospital and Multan’s Nishtar Medical Hospital. Dr. Ashiq, Medical Superintendent (MS) has appealed to people to donate blood for the injured.

Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, paid his condolences to the victims and instructed the injured to be provided the best treatment available. He also offered prayer of forgiveness for the dead.

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