Turkey Child Suicide Bomb Blast Killed 51 people In Wedding Party
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Turkey Child Suicide Bomb Blast Killed 51 people In Wedding Party

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A 12-14 years old child suicide bomber killed 51 people and injured another 70 at a Kurdish wedding party on Sunday dawn at Gaziantep city near Turkey-Syria border.

The bride and the groom are undergoing treatment but the groom’s sister and uncle were among the dead.

No militant group has so far claimed the responsibility of the attack. President Tayyip Erdogan criticized the attack as an attempt of Islamic preacher Fetuhllah Gullen and his backed Kurd militant and ISE to destabilize the nation by exploiting ethnic and religious tensions. The same statement was delivered by Gaziantep Governor Ali Yerlikayar.

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The refugees, who fled from Syria, have been living in the Gaziantep city. Erdogan said any strategy “meant to incite the citizens against each other along ethnic and religious lines will not work“.

To annihilate IS, Erdogan government had joined hands with US joint forces. NATO had warned that the militants could carry out sabotage in the border city.

The Kurdistan Communities Union, a terrorist liberation organization that includes the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), announced plans to negotiate to end a three-decade clash between Kurdish militants and the government. “This attack targets those determined and persistent in peace, resolution, and those struggling for democracy, equality, freedom and justice,“ the HDP said. “The attack was planned to disable the spread of peace and success of possible negotiations.“

The bombing is the deadliest attack in Turkey this year. After July 15’s failed coup Kurd militants did a series of explosion in the different parts of the country. Several soldiers and policeman including 10-12 common people were killed. Every time president Erdogan laid the responsibility on US resident Islamic preacher Fetuhllah Gullen and his backed the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. The three month state of emergency was declared earlier.


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