Tweet Fight On Wedding: This Time Arvind Kejriwal Targets Mahesh Sharma
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Tweet Fight On Wedding: This Time Arvind Kejriwal Targets Mahesh Sharma


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been quite vocal against BJP’s demonetisation move since the first day of its announcement. The minister – who is very active on social media – has been attacking the move on Twitter by highlighting its impact on daily lives. However, his penchant for tracking the ‘big fat Indian marriage’ seems to surpass all other concerns at times.

At a time when weddings in the houses of politicians are under public gaze, Kejriwal faced embarrassment for questioning one such marriage in Union Culture and Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma’s family. Kejriwal tweeted in Hindi today demanding to know how sisters-in-law would get the money for ‘joota churai’ ceremony.

Manish Sisodia said that 56 inch chest is not needed for marriage-relations-family, only need is love “dhai akshar prem”. Replying to Sisodia’s post, Kejriwal said, “If you want to give sisters-in-law money for stealing shoe, then submit the list of names to bank and prove that they don’t have bank accounts. Sisters-in-law will give a receipt.”

On Monday, Kejriwal, who is also the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener, tweeted questioning the mode of payment and expenditure being incurred on the marriage of Sharma’s “daughter”.

Kejriwal said, “BJP MP Mahesh Sharma’s daughter is getting married. Are they making all the payments using cheque? Are they organising the entire wedding for Rs 2.5 lakh? How did they exchange their notes?”

Kejriwal’s poser came on a day when Bharat Bandh, called by a section of the Opposition including AAP, is underway. It also followed the criticism which mining baron and former Karnataka minister G Janardhan Reddy faced after the extravagant wedding of his daughter earlier this month.

However, the Delhi CM got a terse reply from Sharma, who is also BJP’s Lok Sabha MP from Gautam Buddh Nagar (Noida).

He said, “Correct your information; it is my son who is getting married. Yes, all the payments are being made via cheque”.

Not just Sharma but several on Twitter trolled the Delhi CM for his wrong information.

Jaydeep said, “The problem with Kejriwal is that he after furnishing “facts”, he does not clarify that the facts are based on fiction.”

“Desperation of @ArvindKejriwal turning into pathetic comedy as his brazen lies countered quickly. Seems his notes-piles yet to be converted,” said Sanjeev Goyal.

Anjani Pandey said, “Excellent… his bluffs needs to be rebutted immediately.”

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