Typhoon In China: 26 People Are Still Missing Due To Landslides And Downpour
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Typhoon In China: 26 People Are Still Missing Due To Landslides And Downpour

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15 people have been rescued but another 26 are still missing after a typhoon named ‘Megi’ which means “catfish” in Korean has made landslides at Sucun village in China’s eastern Zhejiang province.

After wreaking havoc in Taiwan, the powerful Megi, on early Wednesday morning, headed across the Strait, and made landfall in the Fujian. The city has become a water town.

Megi, the 17th typhoon this year, brought downpours to the coastal areas of the Fujian province as it made landfall in Quanzhou city with winds packing over 118 km per hour after causing havoc in Taiwan.

“The water has come inside, rising to about this high. And almost everything in the shop was soaked,” one shop owner said.

Several houses in the village, about 37 kms from the county seat, were destroyed and structures swept away.

Over 2000 soldiers were sent overnight to help evacuation and provide aid. Zhejiang Vice Governor Sun Jingmiao is leading the rescue operation.


1 person was killed in China since Megi made landfall in the country on Tuesday. Rescuers pulled out 2 women including a pregnant one and 2 men alive from the wreckage.

More than 18,000 people have already been relocated following the heavy rain across the province.

Record flood level was received in the Pingyang county in Zhejiang, with schools and power stations inundated. Power outages were reported in Shuitou township which is home to more than 170,000. Schools across the county remain closed. Water utilities have been working at full capacity to pump supplies from inland waterways.

In a different incident, 6 people went missing in Baofeng village of Wencheng country last night after a landslide destroyed their houses.

Megi has killed four people and injured 268 others in Taiwan as it traveled across the island Tuesday.

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