Unfolded Chapters Till Date: 15 Mysteries Of India That Are Still Unsolved
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Unfolded Chapters Till Date: 14 Mysteries Of India That Are Still Unsolved

unsolved mysteries of india

India is a country of various mythologies, myths and strange incidents. The second largest populated country in the world has many mysteries in its dark corners which are unsolved and unexplained till dates. Even scientists haven’t solve those years old strange occurrences. Here’s a list of 14 mysterious events throughout India:

Jodhpur Boom

jodhpur boom

In the morning of 18th December, 2012 at 11:25 am the people of Jodhpur heard a earsplitting sound appeared out of nowhere in the sky. This is a rumor that this boom was heard in other parts of the world. Geologists said that seismic readings during the boom were unlike anything ever recorded before. The mystery behind the boom is still unexplained.

Taj Mahal or Tejo Mahalaya?

taj mahal

What if one day you know that the history of the love shrine of India is actually not the true story which we read since our childhood? Well known historian Mr P.N. Oak in his book ‘The Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace’ claimed that the Taj Mahal was actually a Shiva temple named Tejo Mahalaya. He found out that Shah Jahan took over the temple from then Maharaja of Jaipur, Jai Singh. Shah Jahan then remodelled it into his wife’s memoir.

9 Illuminati Men

illuminati menThe mysterious 9 Illuminati Men is believed to be the most powerful secret societies of the world created by Emperor Ashoka. Though some says its just a myth but some believes its existence. Ashoka founded the secret society after a bloody war of Kalinga that took 100,000 lives.

The 9 unknown men were responsible to preserve the secret information that would be dangerous in the hands of the unknowledgeable. Each of them held a special book of knowledge including subjects like physiology, microbiology, propaganda, communication, gravitation, psychological warfare, cosmogony. Some of these books even held the secrets of anti-gravity and time travel. It is said that this secret society exists even today. These books are said to be passed on. But no one knows where the books are and whom to pass on.

Kongka La Pass UFO Base

kongka la pass ufo base

According to the locals of India and China UFO sightings are common phenomenon in this Indo-China border. People say that the government of two nations are well known about the UFO base but they are silent due to peace maintenance.

Rumors say that this area has an underground UFO base. The locals of both site who witnessed the UFO landings have seen UFOs emerging out of the ground.

Cursed Village- Kuldhara

kuldhara village

The village of Kuldhara, 15 km away from Jaisalmer is now in ruins because of a curse by its villagers. One night in 1825, the villagers of Kuldhara and nearby 83 villages suddenly disappeared at night. The minister of the ruling kingdom saw the young daughter of the village chief and forced the chief to marry his daughter with him.

To save their pride and honor all the chiefs of 84 villages met one night and decided to leave the village. Nobody knows how they suddenly vanished that very night. It is heard that they spelled a curse over the village. Anyone who tried to take over the land would die a brutal death.

Death of Netaji

netaji subhas chandra bose

The mystery of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s death is still unsolved. Official words said that Netaji died on plane crash in 1945 but it was rumored that he was killed by Stalin. After that many theories were made .The present theory is that he was disguised as a sadhu and died a natural death in 1985. But the actual reason behind his death is still unknown.

Rust Free Iron Pillar of Delhi

iron pillar of delhi

The 1600 years old iron pillar of Delhi is famous throughout India. But the 7.21 meters tall structure made from 98% wrought iron is still completely rust free. This pillar is a subject of scientific studies. According to scientists, this can only possible if critical corrosion-resistance agent called iron hydrogen phosphate hydrate was used to make the pillar rust free. But the question is how a chemically advanced rust free agent made so many years ago.

Bullet Baba

bullet baba

On 2 December, 1988 Om Banna was traveling on his bullet. But he lost his control and died on that spot. His motorcycle fell into a ditch. The morning after the incident police took the motorcycle to a nearby police station but on next day it was disappeared and later fount at the accident spot.

Police again took it to the police station, this time emptied the fuel tank and chained the bullet. But the motorcycle again disappeared on the next morning and was found to its accident spot. In every time police tried to take back the motor cycle to the police station, their every efforts were failed and the bullet returned to its accident spot. Later the locals built a temple to worship it. It is said that Om Banna’s spirit helped the distressed travellers.

Hanging Pillar in Anantapur

hanging pillar of anantapur

The Lepakshi temple in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh has 70 pillars which support the temple. But among the 70 pillars one pillar is hanging from the ceiling and barely touches the ground. It is possible to pass a thin piece of paper and cloth to one side to the other.

Prahlad Jani

prahlad jani

Prahlad Jani or Mataji is an Indian sadhu and a devotee of goddess Amba. He claimed that he lived without food since 1940 and goddess Amba sustains him. In 2010, he was kept under 24*7 CCTV surveillance for 15 days. But to everyone’s surprize he lived without food and water and he had no sign of starvation. Scientists said that his way of survival is still a mystery and has no scientific explanations.

Death of Lal Bahadur Shastri

lal bahadur shastri

A day after signing the Tashkent Declaration, Lal Bahadur Shastri died in heart attack. Doctors who assisted him during his Indo-Pak war ending peace meet (1965) said this was his fourth cardiac arrest. But his wife stated a different version of the story. According to her, he had no heart issues and he had blue marks in his body which led to the theory of poisoning. No post-mortem was done on him. Some accused Indira Gandhi behind his death, some said CIA killed him. But the actual reason of his death is still under darkness.

Ghost Soldier of Nathula

hero of nathula

The Nathula Pass on the Indo-China border in the Sikkim state is guarded by the ghost of Baba Harbhajan Singh. Sepoy Harbhajan Singh during his serving with his unit in 1968 died on 4th October. After his death his fellow soldiers built a shrine. He is known as “Hero of Nathula”. Soldiers who are posted in that high altitude, seeks Baba’s blessings and they believe that Baba will warn them of an upcoming attack in advance.

It is also believed that water kept at the shrine can cure ailing persons. Even at the flag meetings Chinese on the other sight leave a seat vacant for Baba as a sign of respect.

Gyanganj, The Land of Immortals


Ancient Indian and Tibetan tales said that in mysterious Himalayas there’s a place where immortals and enlightened beings lived. It is believed that there is no death and the consciousness always remains alive. Ordinary persons can not find that place. Only the enlightened ones can go there. It is said that this place is situated in an isolated valley in the Himalayas.

This is the place of serenity and ultimate knowledge. Gyanganj is so well camouflaged that no modern mapping techniques and satellites can identify this place. It is also said that this place has its own autonomous foundation in human wisdom and does not belong to East, west or any other philosophy.

Twin Village of Kerala

twin village of kerala

In Kerala there is a village named Kodinhi. It observes abnormal amount of twin births. According to the researches, every year the birth of twins increases and no one knowns the reason behind it. The population of the village is 2000, in which there are around 200 pairs of twins. Scientists haven’t figured out the actual reason of the high twining ratio. It’s still a mystery.

Except these 14, this country has many mysteries which are still under the sand. No one knows how many are there in the darkest corners of this beautiful country. If you know any other mystery which are still uncovered then do give your opinion in the comment box.

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