V-Day Celebration Of A Prisoner, 10 Policemen Suspended
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V-Day Celebration Of A Prisoner, 10 Policemen Suspended


Different people have celebrated the love day, Valentine’s Day in different ways. Why not a prisoner? I mean, yes, he is a prisoner, but a human and has a valentine, his wife. So why should he miss the celebration of the day of love?

He is Hanumant Sadashiv Patil, prisoner of a murder case since end of 2015. He also wanted to celebrate the day in his style.

He claimed on the day that he was ill, so he was taken to Mumbai’s J.J Hospital for medical check-up. Then he got an idea. If he got the permission to go out of the prison on the special day, then why not celebrate the day in a different way!

He offered police officers that he wanted to spend a day with his wife in a hotel. The concession was given to him for one day in exchange of Rs 40000.

Three police officers escorted him to a hotel in Mumbai, where his wife, Manali was waiting for him. One police officer stayed outside the room in which they were staying, and the other two guarded outside the hotel.

The story hasn’t finished yet. Mr ‘lover’ prisoner even tried to escape through the window. The incident came to light.

The three policemen and other seven police personnel were involved in the crime. All of them were suspended after primary investigation.

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