Video: Man Jumped Into Women’s Hostel And Flee With Women’s Innerwear
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Video: Man Jumped Into Women’s Hostel And Flee With Women’s Innerwear


On Wednesday, police have arrested a pervert on the charge of entering the Women’s hostel and stealing and wearing underwear which was left to dry.

The accused, arrested from the Race Course, has been identified as Abuthaleem. He is a native of Bihar and has been working as the caretaker of horses in the Race Course. He is residing here for 15 years.

According to High Grounds police, he was caught on CCTV loitering around nudein the dead of night at Maharani Women’s Hostel, Bangalore before wearing and stealing underwear.

The video shows the man, who also is wearing women’s lingerie, walk around the laundry section of the campus before stealing. He creeps between the washing lines, peering out from behind the drying clothes as he tries to avoid being seen. Shots show him honing in on the women’s underwear, which is hanging up with the towels, bedsheets and other items. He snatches his targets from the line before making off into the night with an armful of unmentionables.


According to the police, he is a pervert and in the last six months, he has entered the women’s hostel many times by jumping the compound wall to steal the undergarments left to dry on the terrace.

The college principal, Dr Shantha Kumari said the man is a “psycho” who jumps over the wall. She said the college has lodged a complaint over the incident in the police station. “We had lodged a complaint in the police station and we have also brought it to the notice of our department… they are taking care of the matter. He is a psycho-minded youth; he simply jumps through the wall around midnight. We have CCTV cameras in all the necessary places,” she said.

After a series of theft, the management installed the CCTV camera. In February this year, the security guard at the hostel almost caught him, but he managed to escape.

Hostel authority handed over the CCTV footage, which helped the police to nab him.

Police said, Abuthaleem was chased by the girls in the hostel but managed to escape after which they complained to hostel authorities. Authorities ignored the complaint at first but sprang into action after viewing the CCTV footage.

The principal said, “Our girls have seen him jumping from the compound wall and entering the hostel. A few months ago, all the girls had screamed on seeing him and he ran away. There was no news of him since then. All of a sudden, he was spotted in February.”

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