Vodka Pouch In 5-year-old’s Tiffin!
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Vodka Pouch In 5-year-old’s Tiffin!


The school authority became astonished when they discovered a vodka pouch in a 5-year-old’s Tiffin box. Her guardian was called. The child’s mother admitted the mistake. She said that she told her daughter to take the pack of juice from the refrigerator but she took the pouch of vodka in her Tiffin box instead.

The incident happened in Australia. She was taking some rest after reaching her daughter to school. Then the surprising telephone came from the school.

Though she had been warned after her confession, but if the child really drinks the vodka then it would be a hazard. Her classmates were even her lunch partner.

The woman thanked the teachers. She will pack the Tiffin from now on. The school authority accepted that the child did it accidently.

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