Want To Lie In Bed And Earn? Scientists Are Paying People €16,000 To Lie On Their Back For Two Months
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Want To Lie In Bed And Earn? Scientists Are Paying People €16,000 To Lie On Their Back For Two Months

microgravity test

Are you interested in doing a job where you have to lie on your back for two months? Also, you will get your salary of €16,000 (a little over $17,000). No, this is not a joke.

Scientists at the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology near Toulouse, France are looking for 24 fit and healthy men to spend 60 days on their back in bed and they will also pay for that. The scientists are hoping to study microgravity. They want to see what will happen to the body when it’s completely listless. It is a simulation to study the effects of microgravity, a state of virtual weightlessness.

Experiment co-ordinator Dr. Arnaud Beck told the French media outlet 20 minutes, “The idea of this study is to reproduce the weightlessness of the International Space Station.”

“During the first two weeks, our scientists will do a whole series of tests and measurements on the volunteers. This will be followed by a 60-day period during which they must remain in bed, the head slightly inclined downwards at less than six degrees.”

It sounds very easy but it would actually be a torture. The volunteers will have to wash, eat, entertain and defecate themselves only on lying in the bed. Bech told The Guardian, “The rule is to keep at least one shoulder in contact with the bed or its frame.”

The researchers will choose 24 candidates who do not smoke, have a body mass index between 22 and 27 and they have to be willing to undergo rigorous training prior to starting the extreme experiment.

He said the aim of the study is to examine the damaging effects of prolonged weightlessness on the human body and to find the solution to fighting against it. “In certain conditions, the cardiovascular system is affected and is not capable of making the same effort as before the experiment. We even see a greater tendency to drops in blood pressure and vertigo.”

Beck also stated like the astronauts who have spent a long time in space, the volunteers will experience muscle loss in the lower body, a decline in bone mass and trouble with standing after that experiment.

After the two months period, the 24 volunteers will spend two weeks undergoing further tests and recovering from the experiment.

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