Want To Travel Solo? Try It...Here’s A List Of 10 Benefits On Why You Should Travel Alone
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Want To Travel Solo? Try It…Here’s A List Of 10 Benefits On Why You Should Travel Alone

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“Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien

The world is a book, it has lots of stories in its every corner. Travelling is the best experience in someone’s life. You may go many places with your family, best buddies or any relatives but ever you think of solo travel? Then think about it. Everyone should travel solo at least once in their life.

Remember when we were children we fear to go alone at any places and our parents were so protective that whenever we told them to take a trip with our friends they kept asking us many questions… with whom, where, when and etc etc etc.

Trip with friends is cool but sometimes we need just ourselves. We own can be our best companions. Solo travel teaches you the life’s best lessons. It feels like the whole world is yours and there is no one who can stop you.

Yes, whenever we think about solo travelling a fear factor always work but trust me there’s nothing to fear rather it helps you overcome your fear.

There are many wonderful benefits of solo travelling.

Planning a trip is easier

easy plan


We all have a travel wish list we want to go. But we are not able to go every place we want because we are waiting for our travel partner. Different persons have different schedules, travelling interests and it’s really very difficult to match up everyone’s schedule and plans a trip.

But when you plan a solo trip, only your interest, your budget, your schedule matters. And most importantly, you can plan something at the last moment.

Spending time with yourself help you to know yourself better

me time

If you think you know yourself better then the answer is no. In this busy world, we are really very busy in the rat race or think about others. But you too need some me time. This is not selfish to think about you. Travel alone gives you the time to spend quality time with yourself. It helps you to clear your thoughts and you can find many answers which may bother you. Most importantly, you can find the real you.

There’s so much to learn about the world

learn about the world

Go, visit and exploring a completely new place will leave you amazed. You meet with a new culture, new traditions and different ways of life. These things make a place unique and experiencing it on our own gives us the best feelings.

You will make new friends

make new friends

Making new friends is always good. When you travel alone you may fear of feeling lonely. But the truth is you will never feel lonely if you choose the right way. Like, meet with the locals, talk to them know about the place. Join cooking classes or museum tours to meet people with similar interests.

Leaving your comfort zone

comfort zone

It helps you to adjust new places, with different people, new tastes and of course the unknown challenges which you will face on the road.

You will discover how strong you are

it makes you strong

After a solo trip, you will discover how strong you are. You face the challenges by yourself. Sometimes you making new friends and roaming the new place with them, sometimes you alone sitting on a river bank and enjoying the scenic beauty. One solo trip make a huge difference in you…it makes you mentally strong.

You understand your life is more meaningful

life meaningful

When you find solace and comfort in a new place, it gives you a pleasure. All negative thoughts will just disappear. Basically, you find a new meaning of your life. Also, you get to know what you actually want from life.

It will make you a better traveller

make you a better traveller

Travelling makes you a better observer of people and places around you. It makes you a better person. It changes the way you talk with people. And it is a positive thing for a traveller. It increases your curiosity, patience and you will learn a lot about people when you pay more attention to them.

It will make you satisfy

it's make you satisfy

When you go with someone, you have to compromise many things. Like you want to visit the museum and your companion wants to go somewhere else and you don’t have much time to visit both. At the end, you will decide to go that another place. Or you got into a fight and you have a bad mood and so you can’t enjoy the beautiful local event. So there is a little bit of disappointment.

But if you go alone you can do everything that you want. There will be no one to tell you to hurry up we have to go there or just wait for sometime as I’m not properly dressed yet.

You plan your own trip, own schedule, own list and at the end, you will get only satisfaction.

At the end, you have lots of experience to share

story teller

Basically, you will become a storyteller of your experiences among your friends and family. You are the one who witnesses the place, the beauty, the people, the culture, the local taste. You have many things to share, many stories to tell.

So, don’t think twice, if you plan a solo travel just pack your luggage and go. Trust me, travelling alone is very addictive. After one trip, you want to experience the freedom of travelling solo again and again.

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