WB Assembly Passes A Resolution To Rename The State’s Name
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West Bengal As Bengal And Bangla; WB Assembly Passes A Resolution To Rename The State’s Name

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Weeks after a proposal to change West Bengal’s name was put forward by CM Mamata Bannerjee, on Monday the West Bengal Assembly passed a resolution to rename the state’s name, ‘Bangla’ in Bengali, ‘Bengal’ in English and ‘Bangal’ in Hindi.

After passing the resolution the CM said to the reporters, “Everyone would be happy with the change of name of Bengal. The people of Bengal have accepted the name ‘Bangla’. We have given importance to that. Congress, CPM, BJP have opposed to the renaming of the state. If the opposition is doing this for the sake of it, then it is very much unfortunate.”

For the Bengali name change the government was divided into ‘Banga’, which is a name of a musical instrument and ‘Bangla’, a name of local unbranded liquor. CM Banerjee declared ‘Bangla’ has won.

She stated that the resolution also needs to be passed in the Parliament so the TMC government would send the resolution to the Centre.

During her speech in the assembly the opposition walked out after a war of words. She commented that the Left government also tried to change the name but they failed and now this government is opposing the name change.

The CM gave examples, “Bombay has become Mumbai, Chennai has been renamed as Tamil Nadu and there are many other instances.” She hoped that this decision to rename the state’s name will be good for Bengal. “There should be a brand of Bengal. We are proud that with your help, we could adopt this name.”

She condemned the opposition party as they didn’t support the resolution. She stated that the people who didn’t support this “future won’t forgive them”. “The Congress has turned into a frontal organisation of the CPM by opposing everything. They play ‘narad narad’ by seeing any issue.”

The Bengal CM pointed her finger to the centre said, “If the people of a party control the government like this, then you can understand that their intention is to oppose at every single step. Why should any middleman take its responsibility and say they won’t allow it? This is wrong and if need be, I will talk about this with the Home Minister.”

With its new name the state will get an opportunity to lift up in the queue in national meetings. In these meetings West Bengal came at the end of a list of 29.

In 2001, the Left government proposed the name change to the Centre, renaming West Bengal as ‘Pashim Banga’ but the central government didn’t accept the proposal. But at that time Calcutta became Kolkata.

In 1947, after the partition of India, Bengal was divided into East Bengal and West Bengal. East Bengal was rechristened as East Pakistan in 1956 and after the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1972 it’s known as an independent nation Bangladesh.

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