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What Every Parent Needs to Know About Traveling Soccer

What is travel soccer?

Recreational soccer is significantly less competitive than travel soccer. Some refer to soccer as “club” or “select,” although club/select soccer is limited to local competitions, whereas travel soccer is defined by various out-of-state competitions.

It is quite important to consider where you live. Smaller cities and states have much fewer possibilities for kids’ soccer than the big soccer cities.

The league your club qualifies is perhaps more important than anything else. In addition to league games, there are regional and national tournaments to qualify for in the highest leagues.

The travel soccer process is split into age groups and gender groups. It provides a highly challenging training and playing atmosphere for those players (and their families) who possess the necessary athletic ability, soccer talents, dedication, and capacity to meet the other requirements.

How to improve your kids’ soccer skills at home?

Since you are already reading this article, you are probably considering enrolling your kid in travel soccer. Well, there are certainly some things that you can do to prepare for it and improve their skills.

Kids who practice on their own, even if just a bit, get a significant advantage. Shoot your soccer ball size 5 into a goal or, better yet, against a wall. When you shoot it into the wall, it will return to you and assist you in improving your first touch and kicking. Are your kids younger and they are super excited to get involved with sports? Consider soccer ball size 3 or size 4 soccer balls in order to get the best of their athletic experience.

What are the costs?

Travel soccer team play demands not only that your kid be skilled at playing at a high level in comparison to the rest of their age group, but also that both the kid and their family invest a significant amount of time, effort, and budget in it as well.

When calculating the price, keep in mind that there are club fees that help cover the coaches.

Another significant portion of this pie is the payment of league fees. What is the reason for this? Because parents prefer the “classic”. As a result, the league provides it to them and charges them for it. These leagues are priced between $3500 and $5000 per team. So each player will pay around $250.

The cost of the uniform is distinct, and some clubs only have to invest in it every two years. Some players pay for new uniforms on a yearly basis.

Furthermore, some teams travel out of state three to twelve times every year. Many of these visits are by plane, so include in the cost of flights and accommodation. If you are not traveling by plane, you can calculate the price of petrol for your automobile.

What are the commitments?

 Some coaches will ask you to participate in competitions around the holidays, such as Memorial Day and Thanksgiving. If getting out of town or spending time with family and friends is important to you during the holidays, make sure to inquire about the coach’s competition activities during those weeks.

Every year, the children who participate in travel soccer sign an agreement. In this agreement, the child agrees to play for the team for the entire season and is not allowed to leave until the contract expires. But keep in mind that all trainers and clubs are distinct, so select one that fits your personality.

The Travel Soccer Season runs from August 1st to July 31st of the next calendar year. This is the duration of a player’s contract with a team and the validity of their pass card with a specific team or club. This time frame is comprised of 2 week Fall Season and a 12 week Spring Season. Both seasons are covered by the player/family commitment.  I hope that we got things clear for all the confused parents out there and that we have helped them to make the right decision for themselves and their kids.

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