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Win Battle With Love! New Policy Of Army


‘Munnabhai MBBS’ showed us that how a ‘jadoo ki jhappi’(magic of hug) can do a impossible job! Indian army is trying to apply the ‘jhappi’ formula to the protest and violence pierced south Kashmir.

Colonel Dharmendra Yadav took the initiative and started with the formula. Colonel who belongs to Gurugram, is now in Anantnag district in Kashmir for work purpose.

Early morning everyday, he took his jeep and goes out. The men took down in every villages which are on the go and talks with the children of the village. They try to reassure that the children would go to school and study again. Army says that Anantanag is the most sensitive area among Jammu-Kashmir, most restive district. Army is now want to change their way of live in the district. They wants to open up schools and shops in the remote areas of the district.

It’s going to be three months. Normal life has stunned in Kashmir. Hizbul commander Burhan Wani and his two companions were killed in clashes with security forces in July. Since then Kashmir has been witnessing karphu, protests, processions. More than 80 people have lost their lives. This include Fifteen-year-old teenager who pointed stones at the soldiers, as well as, members of the security forces.

The coldness in the relation between Kashmiris and soldiers are not unknown to anyone. And the soldiers like Dharmendra wants to change the situation. “Peace and order has returned in most of the places in the state. Army is doing a great job.” said Ghulam Mainuddin. Army has given the responsibility to Mainuddin of teaching the children on a temporary school. When Dharmendra with his team stops in villages, local elders often huggs them. He named this hug as ‘jadoo ki jhappi’. Dharmendra said, “Some years back, I’ve seen the film ‘Munnabhai MBBS’. How to win the battle with love, I learned by seeing the film.”

The people of Anantnag relies on Colonel Yadav. But the colonel has another identity. Col Yadav was one of the main members of the military force who killed Burhan Wani and his two companions at Bumdura village.

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