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INDIAN team having dinner

They go to gym to be fit n fine but when it comes to food they are not different from any food lovers. Here is some of world’s best cricketer and their favorite foods:

ms dhoni eatingM.S.Dhoni: This Indian ‘Captain Cool’ is absolutely powerless in front of kebabs and chicken butter masala and chicken tikka pizza. In the desert his favorite is ‘gajar ka halwa’ and ‘kheer ‘.

sachin eating
Sachin Tendulkar
: The master blaster of the Indian cricket team might have retired from playing cricket but for sure hasn’t from our hearts! He loves Pakistani dishes dearly. He once recounted his love for kheema parathas and lassi. He loves cooking seafood especially Prawn Masala. His love for Japanese foods, especially Sushi and Sashimi also very well known. Among the Maharashtrian dishes dal chawal mingled with cheese and a dash of lime he loves the most.

ganguly loves biryaniSourav Ganguly: Biryani is the most favorite food of our Kolkata’s ‘maharaj’. But he also enjoys ‘aloo posto’ and ‘chingri malaikari’.

kohli eat sushiVirat Kohli: This Punjab tiger loves Japanese sushi more than Punjabi paratha or butter chicken.

rainaSuresh Raina: He is known to be prankster of the line-up, the cheerful one who is always up to some mischief off the field! His favorite one is kebab just like his captain. His teammates use to say that even if his mood is not well, just bring some kebabs and his mood will be changed.

gambhir loves rajma chawalGautam Gambhir: Gautam Gambhir who captains the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders is known to be a little serious on the field! But a simple dish that makes him loosen up is a warm plate of Rajma Chawal.

dravid loves crabRahul Dravid: Just like his down to earth nature, his favourite food is simple staple home cooked feast on a daily basis, but his indulgence lies in the smooth buttery crab.

harvajan loces aloo parathaHarbhajan Singh: Our bhajji is all happy with aloo paratha with some curd, pickle and nice mint chutney.

pathan loves motton biryaniIrfan Pathan: This Gujrat guy is fond of Lucknow dum biryani. He also likes mughlai dish.

sehwag loves vegiterianVirendra Sehwag: Sehwag’s food habit is just like his batting. “I eat anything and everything,” He loves vegetarian foods and home-made kheer.

yuviYuvraj Singh: He likes to eat continental dishes, and, hates Chinese food. Yuvi’s favorite dish happens to be matar paneer and kadhi-chawal.

zaheer loves biryaniZaheer Khan: Being a khan he likes mutton biryani.

karthik loves butter chickenDinesh Karthik: He is fond of butter chicken.

ashwin loves paneer capcicumRavichandran Ashwin: His favourite dish is paneer capsicum that his mother makes at home.

sharma loves aloo parathaRohit Sharma: His favorite one is aloo paratha.

villiersAB de Villiers: The explosive South African batsman has special love for Pasta and Seafood. He loves to eat Grilled Halibut with Peach and Pepper Salsa. It’s a fresh fruit salsa being a lovely accompaniment to grilled fish in the summer; it can also be tried with striped bass or arctic char. The juiciest peaches pair with fiery habanero pepper for a sweet-spicy flavour.

pietersen love burgerKevin Petersen: He dearly loves Sauvignon blanc Blanc from Malborough, New Zealand as his favourite wine. He also loves Brinkley’s where he have burger and salads. KP loves to enjoy the South African dish biltong.

warnerDavid Warner: The explosive Australian opener loves a chicken avocado sandwich with fresh salad ingredients and a little low-fat mayonnaise.

afridi loves biryaniShahid Afridi: The Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi, who won the World T20 for Pakistan in 2009, loves to have chicken biryani, kheer and ice cream.

watson love lambShane Watson: This Australian enjoys Rajasthani lamb dish.

chris gayleChris Gayle: The Caribbean big hitter is a fan of Ackee and Saltfish. Salt Fish is fresh fish that has been salt-cured and dried until all the moisture has been extracted. His love for Indian masala foods like keema, biryani, all kinds of nans a well-known fact to us.

stuart broadStuart Broad: The lanky England pacer does not have a long list. His favourite cuisine is Yorkshire pudding and sausages.

kumar sangkaraKumar Sangakkara: The Sri Lankan batting legend is a lover of rice and fish curry.

taylor love gulab jamunRoss Taylor: This new Zealand cricketer loves sweets especially gulab jamun.

shane warne love pizzaShane Warne: This Australian cricketer likes Ham and Pineapple Pizza.

nathan's fav garlic nanNathan Coulter Nile: This Australian cricketer likes Garlic Naan which is flat-bread subtly flavoured with garlic, garnished with a touch of fresh coriander leaves and sesame seeds.

symonds love barbiqueAndrew Symonds: This Australian cricketer loves Seafood and Barbecues.

smith love steakGraeme Smith: This south African cricketer loves steak.

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